The Pussification of America’s Military

The Pussification of America’s Military

We have a war in America against Alpha males, and the true strength our culture and our military. First it starts with skinny jeans and metro supported advertising: commercials that define men as having arms with no muscles, and don’t forget they must be “sensitive.”


Society’s pressures

Then we have the push for homosexuals to be open about their homosexual activities and or personal lives mixed in with our military. We have watched our professional demeanor, military bearing and honorable discipline go down the drain.

Women  aren’t given a fair assessment. They are given try after try, failure after failure to make sure they pass, to the point of being dragged through the finish line just to make some suit and tie happy who has never been in any firefight, let alone worn a military uniform.

Rigid Tests for a Strong Military

The strongest Military known to man worldwide, must fully pass unmerciful, insensitive, non-politically correct, unbiased, ruthless at times, tests that men in the best conditions may fail.

There are no second chances, there is no one holding your hands or some politician sitting in the White House calling your trainers and pressuring them to make sure you graduate or their career is on the line.


Demi Moore in the Movie G.I. Jane, 1997

Special treatment

The women that have passed the so called infantry tests in both Army and Marine Corps have all been given lower standards so they can complete them. This is not fair to the male counterpart and it will be a weakness in any battlefield against any enemy.

Those who have gone through that rigid training say that the women were given special treatment, in spite of the Army’s statements to the contrary.

The (minimum) for the Marine Corps infantry test is a 24 mile hump with 80lbs, which is the standard (minimum) for an infantryman. Even if we ignore the facts and actual studies that both genders are genetically different, we should not lower our training standards to appease any liberal politician or Obama’s orders.

They are not listening to the President’s own words

This is the time when our Military brass must take the words of Mr. Barack Obama to heart. He told us “He will transform America” … it has become the pussification of our Americanism and culture literally taken in context.

Why are they doing this?

In addition, women should not cheer this on, for our Military women have had some of the best training, and have received some of the best MOS opportunities to follow studies and quickly move up the ranks. They have become officers – the highest in their chain of command in their field of operations.

The question should be raised, is this corrupt government wanting to bring up a female commandant of the Marine Corps or a female Army General because they believe women are easier to “manage” than their male counterparts? Or is this administration running short of “male” Military leaders, since they keep firing the best of the best? People like General James Mattis- “Mad Dog” and others like him … it sure looks that way.

Conflict in the ranks of leadership

The latest response coming from our Military leaders comes from the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Gen. Joseph Dunford, former Marine Corps Commandant, who argued that the Marines should be allowed to keep women out of certain front-line combat jobs, citing studies showing that mixed-gender units aren’t as capable as all-male units.

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said he came to a different conclusion, but he said the integration of women into the combat jobs will be deliberate and methodical and will address the Marine Corps concerns. Women will now be eligible to join the Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and other Special Operations Units.

Dunford did not attend the news conference to announce the change, and when asked about that absence, Carter said he has discussed his decision multiple times with the chairman.

Ask yourself if this is what anyone would want for a young female?

A nuclear physicist who has never served in the military just “ordered” that combat billets (duty positions) be opened up to women. Let that sink in, but first take a look at the stories by men who have lived through real combat: “Lone Survivor” or “13 Hours in Benghazi” or even “Black Hawk Down.” Ask any normal 17 year old female if she is ready for those tasks?

If by now you do not understand the cancer eating away at America, the lack of respect from our enemies and allies all you need to do is pay attention to the unconstitutional, biased policies of the narrow-minded unethical agenda of progressive socialism under Barrack Hussein Obama.

Watching out for women

All American men are by design raised in our society to watch out for their women counterparts. In special operations, similar to what Marcus Luttrell had to endure, most men have a hard time keeping with the mission because they are worried about the safety of a females.

Women could be incorporated, but…

Will the S.E.R.E. Training , otherwise known as Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Evasion incorporate Rape into their training for female trainees? There is no doubt in our mind that women can be integrated into our elite forces and special missions, but our job especially the Military job, is to give them the proper tools to succeed.

They must be able, without question or doubt, to perform in the high risk circumstances that may occur in the death or capture of the team.

Russia had a special training for female KGB agents who had to endure a test that begin as early as a child’s age of 8 years old. Israel has successfully integrated women into their special operations without lowering their standards and creating some of the bravest women. But they do not have to deal with political correctness or a biased liberal media.