The Pennsylvania School Lunch Police

Faye Higbee

One Pennsylvania school, Aliquippa school district, plans to search the lunch sacks of students, and throw away anything over a 4 oz bag of chips and one 20 oz drink or less. Parents are calling “foul.” The school instituted the plan because “kids were selling and trading food, and causing distractions.” Kids have sold or traded food out of their lunches since going to school started.

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Students can only have ONE 4 oz bag of chips and they can’t open them.

“Lunch Police. Maybe they should stay out of the parenting business and focus on giving our kids a quality education.”

one response to the move

The Pennsylvania school district Facebook post received so many negative comments that the school district deleted the post by 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Although they didn’t say exactly why they deleted it.

“You’re going to tell parents what they can and cannot send for their child to eat? That’s absurd! Maybe if school lunches weren’t so tiny and gross they wouldn’t need to bring extra snacks,”

another commenter

The Aliquippa school district also advertised a “Wellness Festival” cooking class…and the comments ramped up from there.

“Telling kids how much they can eat by limiting their food….Some kids carry extra food for diabetes sugar drops, or fast metabolism and need to eat alot to keep energy. Also, what a child packs from home in their lunch is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Are you paying for it? Try thinking before making such asinine rules. This is gross and really weird honestly.”

commenter CG

“SchoolDigger Rank: 526th of 537 Pennsylvania High Schools. With these scores one would expect focus on Reading, 21% can read, Math, 13% are proficient in Math. Not to mention 88% are on free lunch so where is your focus again?”

commenter EK

“Just don’t carry those things you cook around school, the security may throw them away.”

commenter BJM

The school posted a response to the comments that read: “Thank you all for your feedback. If you have children in the district please contact your building principal. If you are an internet heckler, continue as you were.” [They did].

“We just have to look at the bigger picture of the situation and understand what’s reasonable. You know, I don’t think any child needs to bring in family sized bags of chips for the day. The children aren’t going to starve because they do have free meals.

Catherine Colalella, Aliquippa school board

It’s the “I don’t think” part of that statement that is telling. Do all of the students qualify for those free meals? There is generally a fee for the meals unless the family income is low.

Ah, yes, school lunches. Soggy hot dogs, grey colored refried beans, stale hamburger buns with a meat patty so small the hamburger disappears inside the bun…kids’ favorite. In the penchant to be “healthy” schools across the nation tend to reduce calories too low. Especially teenagers who need far more calories, particularly when they’re in sports. Aliquippa School District is very involved in sports. All in all, this Pennsylvania school district has devolved into the lunch police.


Featured screenshot via Beaver County Radio

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