The left has no clue who Marcus Luttrell is- thinks he’s a “sweaty bodyguard ” (video)

By Faye Higbee

Sometimes you just want to shake your head at the total ignorance of those on the left. When Rick Perry announced his candidacy for President, he was flanked by Marcus and Morgan Luttrell, both Navy SEALs. But it seems that the left wingers among us have no clue who Marcus Luttrell is – some of them thought he and his brother were  “sweaty body guards.”

Marcus Luttrell was the only surviving member of a 4 man SEAL team when ‘Operation Red Wings’ was attacked. He was saved by a local Afghanistan Pashtun, who took care of him in spite of the danger from the Taliban. His story became the movie “Lone Survivor” and his part was played by Mark Wahlberg. His twin brother Morgan is also a Navy SEAL.

marcus luttrell

Marcus and Morgan Luttrell, twins, both SEALs, flank Gov Rick Perry at his announcement as a candidate for President- ABC photo

According to the Federalist, also present in the audience  for the announcement was Taya Kyle, wife of deceased Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, of American Sniper fame. Wonder what they would have called her if they’d recognized her.

We can recognize celebrities, but not heroes 

It is a sad state of affairs in our country, when the faces of heroes are not as recognizable as celebrities who have never sacrificed even an orange peel for our nation. Our self-absorbed, ignorant generations need a few lessons in what really matters in life. But then, they wouldn’t listen to them anyway.

View the video below for the story of how Marcus Luttrell came to become one of Perry’s “family.” And be grateful that men like the Luttrells still exist in America.


This video tells the story of the relationship between Marcus Luttrell and Rick Perry.