The Latest Challenge in Understanding Governmentspeak- Bidenese (With Video)

Dave Emanuel

It is often challenging to understand “governmentspeak”, the unique language that applies to the procedures followed by Congress and the president. Many of the words used to define those procedures are often misunderstood because they’re not part of most people’s vocabulary. Words like caucus, cloture, filibuster, censure, quorum and bicameral are unique to legislative actions and they often lead to confusion. Then there’s Bidenese, which is in a class all by itself.

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Screenshot via Delaware online


To make the situation even more challenging, some presidents and members of Congress often have a vocabulary of their own. However, no member of the legislative or executive branch has had such an extensive unique vocabulary as Joe Biden. In fact, as the video below notes, “Bidenese” is being used to identify the language Biden uses to address the public. We assume Biden knows what he’s saying, (although some people would argue that point) but many of us are trying to find a translation so that we too can understand what the president is telling us.

In the current environment of record-setting inflation, the COVID pandemic, supply chain problems and an unsecured border, understanding what the president is saying is vitally important. But efforts to understand Bidenese have been unsuccessful. It could be that Bidenese isn’t an actual language, but a unique dialect that originated in Delaware. That may well be the reason that Google Translate is of no help.

We will, however, soldier on and if we break the code, we’ll publish the translation. (Don’t hold your breath on that.)


Featured screenshot: Bidenese speaker Joe Biden

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