The Lack of Respect From Our Younger Generation for the Military

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Last week in the news revealed yet another case of disrespect toward the memories and sacrifices made by our men and women in the military. This time it was the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington, D.C.: young children climbing on the monument as if it were their personal jungle gym.

No sense of sacrifice

Young adults climbed on the Memorial to the Vietnam Veterans in Wichita, KS – they had no sense of the sacrifices made by our men and women in past wars.

There are numerous cases of  vandalism to our tributes to our heroes. Theft of Bronze Plaques. Spray painting obscenities. Breaking statues and markers.

These cases are not just protesters acting out to protest the wars we have and are in. They are just an indication of the deep seated problem this country has with our youth.

These kids seemed to have missed (or more to the point), were never taught to respect the sacrifices of those that fought our nations wars. Ensuring our Freedoms — the same freedoms that are taken for granted.

Since shortly after the Vietnam war was over, this country  had an all volunteer Military. There has not been a draft since then. So instead of having a generation experience that understands what it means to serve, we have a generation who, for the most part, has never been in the military. A very small population has answered the call of our country.

Homeschooling honor and respect

I volunteered in 1980, right out of High School. During my time in, I raised a family, three kids. They were exposed to the trials and tribulation associated with being a military family. They were told of the heritage of my family and their mother’s family, whose members served in the major conflicts from WW1 to the present.

They were homeschooled with the history of how our country first began — the wars, the sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers at the birth of this country. They had pride. Most importantly, they had respect for all those that served. Respect and honor for those that gave their lives for this country. They know that the price of Freedom is expensive.

It wasn’t all Patriotic and red, white and blue. There was resentment with my being gone a large part of their lives. The missed moments of triumph, the joys and the heartbreaks; I missed a lot of those. My kids knew why I served. Again, they may have hated my being gone, but they still respected the military.


A lot of the kids nowadays don’t have that sense of respect and honor. Maybe they were never taught at home. Most assuredly, they were never taught it in school. The examples they have on how to treat the military are severely lacking, right from the top of our government all the way down to their level.

There is a cancer spreading throughout this country. It goes by the name of Liberalism. We have become the land of “freebies and handouts.” We expect the government to take care of all our needs. We are being taught that the military is a bad thing, something to be loathed and hated. For that matter the country as a whole is being taught that we need to apologize for our American exceptionalism.

This country still needs a military, much to the left’s dismay. It still doesn’t mean that the military should be treated with disdain. The military is a necessary evil.

The aftermath of disrespect

We see the effects of this disdain attitude in the actions of those that treat the monuments to our heroes and our military with contempt.

This country has a huge debt to pay to our Veterans. It is a debt that continues to grow without repayment. Fortunately there are many among us that still carry the torch of freedom. Those of us that know the sacrifices. Those of us that have made the sacrifices to keep this nation free.

My deepest respect to all those that have served, that are serving, and those that are about to serve. I salute you all. Let’s keep the torch of Freedom burning brightly in this next generation. Let’s teach the respect and honor necessary for the motivation of those who come after us.

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