The Hot AF Show With Mike Smith

Mike Smith is the host of the Hot AF Show. And if you were looking for something “politically correct” this is not it. He refers to his show as “politically incorrect but correct.” This Patriotic American talks about anything from politics, sports, to health and fitness…whatever is a hot topic at the time.

So who is this politically incorrect patriot? Not your average backwoods hillbilly (as the left loves to paint us all). He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia… Fulton County, to be exact (sounds vaguely familiar as a hot spot right now from the election, right?).

He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Entrepreneurship. It’s also where he met his wife, who is a nurse. They now live in Florida with their three boys.

“I’ve always wanted to be my own boss.”

Mike Smith

hot af show
Mike Smith, entrepreneur, patriot

Mike has worked hard in his life to do the things that are important, not just for his family, but for his patriotic ideals. He says his family was always serving those who were military members. It’s a reminder for everyone:

“Have no regrets in life.”

Mike Smith

Mike has invested in healthcare markets, and partnering with his wife, have been actively developing a neuroplasticity resource ( that educates parents / teachers how the brain and body influence behavior. Neuroplasticity is the brains way of developing new and strengthening current neural pathways, which is beneficial to everyone across their lifespan.

Outside of business, the host of the Hot AF Show is not a stodgy stay-at-home-with-his-nose-in-a-book type, either. He enjoys tactical training, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and boxing as exercise. Don’t make him angry. Just sayin’.

We asked him if he had some advice for others:

“How you do anything is how you do everything. Return your shopping cart. Pick up the wrappers you (or others) drop. If you are a corner cutter in one thing, you’ll be a corner cutter in everything. I teach my kids to do the extra rep, or do the extra lap.”

Mike Smith

His kids will grow up to be great citizens with a Dad and Mom who love America and have a sense of what freedom is supposed to be. Be sure to tune in to his podcast. He has been a guest on the Tank Show as well.

His podcast link is here, and be sure to follow him on Instagram @hotafshow.

Here’s one episode of The Tank Show with Mike Smith:


Featured photo: The Hot AF Show

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