The Gunny – R Lee Ermey Gun, Antique Firearms, and Sword Collections Up for Auction Beginning November 6.

The Gunny

The Gunny – R Lee Ermey – had awesome gun, antique firearms, and sword collections. They will begin hitting the auction block on November 6. The family will donate some of the proceeds to the Young Marines organization. The Gunny’s son Clinton will provide notarized certificates of authenticity and a signed photo. The auction is set to begin on November 6, but sections after that will be released on 11/20, 12/04,12/18, 01/01/2022, and 01/15/2022. they are great reminders of his screen and television career that began after his stint in the Marine Corps.

November 6

Among the treasures set to be released on November 6 are the Gunny’s personal carry Python, Single Action Army, and Dragoon with cabinet. It’s the Colt 1976 Bicentennial Commemorative set. It’s not in mint condition, since the Python was Ermey’s favorite gun and he used it “a lot.”
Springfield armory M1 Garand.
A Jos. Golcher 1845 Kentucky rifle with appraisal
An 1850 Civil War Field Officer’s sword with appraisal

The Gunny was a serious collector of both modern firearms and antique ones. He also loved swords. My own father was also a collector of firearms and had a couple of daggers, but when he passed, they too were broken up as this collection will be. So this collection makes me drool. Unfortunately, my budget isn’t enough to afford an auction program, let alone one of these firearms or swords.

Many of The Gunny’s weapons were modern ones as well as antiques. He had shotguns and rifles, including a New Baker Model 1896 Damascus double barreled shotgun, a Remington Model 14 rifle, a Gebr Merkel Suhl double barreled shotgun, a Winchester Model 63 rifle, a Savage Model B double barreled shotgun, and those are just part of the first allotment of weapons for Nov 6.

A couple of the guns set for auction in later allotments

For some of the other allotments, there are even a few swords like the Damascus gladiator sword, and the USMC noncommissioned officer sword. And many more guns from percussion rifles to modern firearms.

Also up for auction are The Gunny’s personal papers and scripts.

By January, some of the memorabilia such as two stuffed lions taken with one of the rifles, some military patches, the helmet Gunny used in his famous Mail Call series, and many other items are up for auction. You can see the entire collections at the EBR Webstore.

All in all, people who loved R. Lee Ermey as The Gunny were saddened to hear of his death in April of 2018. But he will never be forgotten.


Featured screenshot of The Gunny – R Lee Ermey

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