The Future of Fox News – has it already shifted left?

By Faye Higbee

Conservatives used to go to Fox News for nearly everything- primarily because it was the only place we could get at least a modicum of “fair and balanced” information. Lately, however, the network has seemingly taken a giant left turn – the reason? Murdoch’s two left wing sons took over in his place back in July.

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Arab owner 48% + Left wing owners = Conservative view? Maybe not.

In 2014, Murdoch elevated his two sons, James and Lachlan, to high positions. Now, he has passed the reins to them, which officially took place on July 1.

The New Hampshire Register wrote,

The handoff of 21st Century Fox officially took place July 1. But as James Murdoch steps up as CEO and Lachlan Murdoch as executive co-chairman, some on Wall Street worry about how the pair will run the conglomerate behind Fox News, the Fox broadcast network and the 20th Century Fox movie studio. Shares were down slightly when news of the changes first came in June.

The elder Murdoch will reportedly still maintain close ties to the organization, according to most media reports. But that may not help in this case.

The Ailes era

Roger Ailes has enjoyed almost total autonomy over the reporting staff. He has been the mover and shaker behind the Conservative bent in the organization. Not now. In June of this year, he was advised that now he will report to the Murdoch sons.

The New York Magazine reported on June 17,

Such was Ailes’s power that he has been able to run a right-wing political operation under the auspices of a news channel.

This week, for the first time, there are signs that this remarkable era may be entering its twilight. Yesterday, 21st Century Fox announced that Ailes would be reporting to Lachlan and James Murdoch. For Ailes, it was a stinging smack-down and effectively a demotion.

Opposites definitely do not attract

Ailes was not notified of the management change. Why? Because when leftists take over something, they generally want to do it in a ‘fait accompli’ so they don’t get any opposition. (Kind of like the way Obama does Executive Orders).  Plus, Ailes has called James an f***** dope (among other colorful things) previously.

James Murdoch’s wife once worked for the Clinton Foundation, and he is a rabid environmentalist. Ailes is a firm climate change denier. That flint and steel combo is likely to implode on itself soon.

So is that why the Fox Team seemed to try to trash Donald Trump so heavily on debate night? Is that why their questions to Dr. Carson and Ted Cruz were a little edgy and personal as well? Is that why they seemed to ask pnuff questions to the establishment candidates like Bush and Rubio? Is that why not one of them mentioned a hot button issue such as the Second Amendment?

Let’s see how long our favorite Conservative news hosts hang around under this new regime. Will they stay and compromise? Or will they leave and stay true to their values?