The Enemy Here at Home

Rick Ferran

My fellow Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children!

This fiasco has to stop! Don’t even mention going to France or to Syria or any other Muslim country in the world to send our brothers and sisters into harm’s way –  we have an Islamic enemy right here in our own backyard. Why send our bravest to fight when they will never be appreciated by those  who are bent on destroying every part of our nation?

Did you hear what Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro said about the Terrorist Attack? “Let’s not jump to conclusions.” It is always ISLAM! ISLAM is a death cult machine that needs to be eradicated.  We do not want to hear how there are good Muslims and bad Muslims. This an ideology of death and whatever it touches it produces ignorance, savagery , pedophilia, women slavery and death. The so-called “good Muslims” just have never read the Qu’ran.

The enemy here at home

If you are so eager to go to war to fight ISIS, the same group of savages who were created by Barry Soetoro, why don’t you start in DC? I mean what’s the point of going to fight ISIS in Syria when this government is arming them? I mean what is the point of dying in a foreign land when we can die right here in our own soil fighting the same enemy?

We are not allowed to criticize Muslims or say anything negative about them on Facebook. We do it, we get banned. Yet they can say horrendous things and call for the death of “infidels.” They have a license to do anything they want, but anything we say is classified as “hate speech.”

Lions should not be Led by a Rat!

Do not talk to me about helping the French when we have an elephant in the room looking right at us and ready to stomp the very soul out of our way of life. We cannot fight an enemy overseas, when our enemies are being supported by the same government who has been given the responsibility to keep us safe. We have a government who refuses to call radical Islamists for what they are, continue to minimize every mass murder, down playing every terrorist attack, very little media coverage and focus more on making sure the Muslims are not offended. We have a Fraudulent Muslim President. Our country is looked upon as weak around the world.  LIONS should not be led by a RAT!

Dry runs by terrorists

We have a problem in America, we have the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. Before we do anything, we must remove these parasites from our country once and for all.

We’ve already had trial terrorist attacks in America. The Texas Attack? That was a dry run. Arm yourselves, and be ready for things to come, do not cry out for more security, but cry out for more freedom to defend ourselves.

The only security we need to focus on is securing our borders, to enforce our current immigration laws, to make sure legal immigrants are working… and no benefits until they have become citizens of America and learned the language. We have to start educating people on what our Constitution says, because there is a large group of morons who think our constitution supports Shariah Law and Islam.

Clear our house first

In conclusion, we have a million problems in our own soil and we first need to remove the cancer that is eating us, or it will continue its destruction of America. Don’t ask for our bravest to be sent overseas, to be the puppets of the same enemy we want to bring justice to… we must clear our house first.

The first mission is to stand as one, no bickering, no fighting , not attacking one another for different beliefs, no black against white, we must all stand together as one. That is your first and only mission. When you have accomplished that, then we can take back our country. Once we take back our country and put these people in prison or hang them, then we can go and clean the mess this administration created in the middle east.