The Enemies Within – Do You Really Know Who Leads America?

Faye Higbee

Trevor Loudon is from New Zealand. He is a political activist, public speaker, prolific blogger, and author of two books.  He is a controversial figure, and his own country of New Zealand thinks he’s too “right wing.” We found him articulate and bright. The research he completed to finish his book,  “The Enemies Within,” was extensive. The facts in that book should shock all Americans.

 the enemies within

Public speaker and activist Trevor Loudon

He said that he does what he does because he wants to give back to American for saving his country during WWII. So he is acutely aware of the issues here in America – and without strong American leadership, he sees the entire world becoming void of freedom.

“If America continues to retreat militarily, the day is coming when there will be no free countries left…” Trevor Loudon.

His book, “The Enemies Within”  is to become a movie that will be released early next year.  It reveals how Communism affects us in our everyday lives  and who hides beneath the cloak of political parties. The movie reveals the Marxist takeover of America and has some ideas on how to stop it. The problem is, do Americans really understand who leads them?


Marxism – Socialism – Communism: the steps to tyranny

Trevor told us,

Did you know that in 1995, Marxist-Communists literally took over the AFL-CIO? Did you know that they are setting the agenda of the Democratic Party we see today? If you are a grassroots Democrat, do you realize that you are not voting for Harry Truman or JFK any more? Your political party has literally changed hands and has become radical Marxists.

Twenty-five years ago, labor unions were against the concept of amnesty and actively campaigned against it. Foreign workers would steal American jobs, they said. But now, look at the situation- it has changed entirely. Labor unions are now FOR unlimited immigration – why? Because it will mean millions more Democratic votes. If that trend continues, Loudon believes we will soon be a “one party” system – the GOP will so overwhelmed with Democratic voters that it will be destroyed forever.

Communists/Marxists are planted on the Homeland Security Committees, Armed Forces Committees, the Intelligence Committees, and other key committees that not only affect U.S. policy in all areas, but grant them access to sensitive information. There are some with Muslim Brotherhood ties on those key committees as well. People like Bernie Sanders, who is “not just a socialist, but an anti-American pro-totalitarian man backed by the Communist Party,” or Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Andre Carson… the list goes on and on. The movie will name the enemies planted within our own government.

“You can fight for all these things, but unless you clear out the enemies within, everything else will be compromised.” Trevor Loudon

[Note: Recently, Senator Ted Cruz introduced  a bill to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, as it is labeled in numerous other nations. When  some of our own politicians have ties to the group, how do you think that will work?]

The Enemies Within Movie

“The Enemies Within” movie will be out early next year, hopefully on a “wide release.”  It is aimed at middle America, and Mr. Loudon hopes it will leave viewers shocked, angry, and yet inspired to act.

We asked him how it will bring in the audiences needed to get the message out, and he told us they plan huge publicity prior to the release.

Mr. Loudon has several websites, and a crowdfunding account set up for his movie. The Indiegogo is here, another website is here, and another here.

Their blood on your hands

I also asked him what he has to say to America at this time. His response to that question stunned me, and dropped me to my knees. I had  never thought of it before in the terms he gave:

The only reason America is in this situation is because grassroots Americans have taken their eye off the ball.

There is a huge section of America that has the power to stop this – the Evangelical Christians.

Before WWII, the church, the moral authority of the nation of Germany, decided that if they left Adolf Hitler alone he would leave them alone. The result was the slaughter of 6 million Jews and hundreds of thousands of Christians and Allied lives.  They could have stopped the Holocaust, but did nothing.

Today, ISIS and other jihadists have massacred thousands upon thousands of Christians across the Middle East. The Blood of those people is on the hands of the church – those  who refused to vote to stop Barack Obama from getting into office.

The Blood of those people is on the hands of a voting block who decided to stay home from the elections because they didn’t like the candidates who were running. Hearing it in those terms should shake every person to their very foundation. Wake Up, America.

As this movie is released across the country, it is hoped that all Americans will go to hear the exposing of “The Enemies Within.”

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.” Thomas Paine, 1737-1809