The Dumbing Down of America

By James Tuttle

As this country continues to slide into the swamp of mediocrity, we have yet another sign of our history being altered to fit the PC agenda. Fortunately, after strong criticism, the College Board will (re) rewrite American History exams.


For instance, the ‘old’ entrance exams were written to condemn the American History of World War II. Now they are being rewritten to convey the actual facts.

Fixing a problem

Peter Wood, National Association of Scholars, wrote:

“World War II is no longer reduced to the internment of Japanese Americans, challenges to civil liberties, debates over race and segregation, and the decision to drop the atomic bomb. 

The new version allows that we actually fought and won a war that was ‘viewed as’ a fight for the survival of freedom and democracy against fascist and militaristic ideologies.”

Capitalism had been criticized to the point of saying that it was the cause of the divide between the rich and the poor. Any and all ideas and practices that made this country great were shown in the light of racism and hatred.


The continual intrusion of lies into history

They said “we” were the root cause of the world strife. Our wicked ways. The college placement tests were being so watered down and put through the PC filter, that there was no real history.

America was ‘Imperialistic’ and ‘hateful’ to the rest of the world. Makes you wonder how the Colleges became so Liberal in the first place. These were the teachings within the public school system.

There is a lot of history that is being swept away in the interest of political correctness. Our children are being taught early on that this country is offensive to all mankind. They tell our children that America needs to apologize and renounce our wicked ways.

Liberal agenda

It has really been accelerated in the past 7 years of the Obama administration. The Liberal agenda started out small. A little hate here, a little racism there. Testing the waters. When there was no real resistance, they became emboldened. They pushed further and harder. Still the lack of opposition allowed them to continue.

Racial Divide increased

We have seen race riots like the 60’s and 70’s occurring in our cities. We have seen our police forces weakened to the point of being ineffectual. They are afraid to confront a suspect due to the color of their skin. If the police end up drawing their weapon and kill a black person, the race baiters and the Liberal media swoop down and crucify the police.

As long as it’s White on Black, it’s ‘racially motivated.’ If the roles are reversed, Black on White, there is hardly any news coverage at all.

There are more murders committed that are Black on Black than all other categories combined. That fact is omitted. It’s just glossed over and never mentioned in politically correct company.

Sheep dependent upon the government

Why is this allowed to continue? There is no condemnation from the left and their agenda. Ultimately we are seeing this country being destroyed from within. The harder we try to sound the alarm, it seems the less impact we have. It is falling on deaf ears.

The sheep of this country have been lulled into a false sense of security. Their needs are being taken care of as long as they remain silent. Meanwhile, their freedoms are rapidly being eroded.

President Reagan said that the worst thing you will ever hear is, “We are from the government, we are here to help.”

If you hear that, run away as fast as you can. There is soon to be less freedom whenever that phrase is heard.

As the sheep become dependent on the government handouts, they care less and less about reality. They believe what ever their government tells them. We have seen this all before.

Real history

Remember 1939? That was the year that Hitler and the Nationalist party came to power in Germany. Ask the Jewish community how that worked out. Keep in mind, Hitler’s master plan was to wipe out all those that were inferior to the master race. Blond, Blue eyes, and white. If you didn’t fit the criteria, you disappeared, one way or another.

People by the millions ceased to exist. The Gas Chambers. The Ovens. A bullet. It was all the same. The final solution. We are seeing shades of that here in this country. No, there are no gas chambers or ovens. Nothing as overt as that. We are being dumbed down – made to believe we are inferior to the rest of the world.

We are the bad guys. The bullies of the world. We are letting this happen. Day after day. Week after week. Moral by moral. Faith by faith. Nothing too drastic, subtle, quiet. The use of smoke and mirrors and distractions. Things like the Confederate Flag and how racist it is. Just remove it and all will be right in the world. Marriage equality for all. Fabricated by the government to keep us distracted while we lose more of our freedoms and liberties.

What will you do?

Fellow Patriots, I call upon you to stand and fight against this insidious destruction of our heritage and our country. The time is now the urgency is now. What will it take? How much are you willing to lose before enough is enough?

What event has to happen before we act and ignite ARII? Our founding Patriots fought against a lot less to gain our freedoms. What will be our legacy in this dark hour? It’s simple: we are either Patriots willing to fight and take back what is rightfully ours or we are sheep waiting to be devoured by the wolf. The choice is yours. Choose Wisely!