The Defiance Movement: From Restaurants to Barbershops and Salons, Time to Reopen America!

By Faye Higbee

We’ve written lately about Shelley Luther’s hair salon in Texas that opened in defiance of the shutdown. We wrote about Ammar Ibrahim’s Waffle Shop in Fresno, California defying the lockdown. We wrote about Cherie Baldridge’s El Dorado Cafe in California opening against the shutdown orders. We’ve written about gun stores defying the shutdown orders. We’ve seen protests across the country. These are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of people who must get back to work. It’s a Defiance movement that is demanding to open up America.

In Governor Whitmer’s Michigan, barber Karl Manke, 77, told the state that they’d have to taser him or haul him out in handcuffs and he’s staying open “until Jesus walks in or until they arrest me.” Manke says he can’t afford to stay closed. He’s got a high demand for haircuts and long lines at his barbershop. He’s been working 10 a.m. to midnight. He faces a $500 fine for each of 2 citations and a 90 day jail sentence and is due in court on June 6. (Daily Wire)

In Colorado, C&C Coffee and Kitchen, a breakfast restaurant, opened in defiance of Governor Polis’ orders, with about 500 customers eager to have inperson dining on Mother’s Day. Owners April and Jesse Arellano are just working stiffs who needed to be open in order to survive. (KDVR)

“I got thanked from so many moms. I’m a mom too and just to be able to go out and sit down and not have to do the dishes.” April Arellano

“It looks like we might be crashing and burning going bankrupt and we’re done and you know what? We’ll just give one last hurrah to our customers to eat here.” Jesse Arellano

These are just two more of the signs of a defiance movement spreading around the nation. If people don’t want to see bloodshed, then it’s time to change the direction of this country. People must work to make a living. They cannot be dependant on the government for their livelihoods. Many big businesses charged in and stole the money meant for small businesses by using loopholes – that money dried up immediately. The second wave of “help” hasn’t done the job either. Government handouts never will- they only create dependence, not independence. Socialists and Communists will not control us.

People will fight for their families. They will fight for their freedom to be able to put food on the table. The left and their control will not prevail against the vast majority of Americans. We are used to being able to work, not be on the handout list. We are used to being together in stores, churches, theaters, sporting events, restaurants, and civic events. We don’t care about the ‘risks’ from the virus. That cannot be removed from our culture, no matter how much control is exerted over us as human beings. This is not China. This is not Russia.  How much longer will we tolerate this shut down? Look at what has been happening in the Defiance Movement and listen… Tick Tock.

Featured @SmartyTitz on Twitter: photo of the sign in the window of C&C Coffee and Kitchen restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado


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