The Cubans in Russia’s War in Syria

By Faye Higbee

According to the Debka file, 2,000 Cuban troops are set to arrive in Syria to fight with 3,000 Iranians – all of which has Israel on edge and taken the U.S. by surprise.


Cuban troops- photo via red-alliance

Cubans have fought with Russia before

Debka reported,

“In another military development connected to the Golan, US defense sources revealed Wednesday night that that Russia had airlifted to Syria Cuban army units to fight alongside the army of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The sources said they were members of Cuban armored corps units who would drive Syrian tanks, adding that the Cuban chief of staff, Gen. Leopoldo Cintra Frias, arrived in Syria with the troops…

The fact that Cuban troops will man Syrian tanks attacking rebel groups represents a dramatic achievement for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proxy war in Syria.
They are not in the Middle East for the first time. In 1974, the USSR flew two Cuban tank brigades to Syria and placed them opposite IDF positions on Mt. Hermon and other parts of the Golan. From February to May, the IDF traded heavy artillery fire with the Cubans, accompanied by dogfights between Israeli and Syrian warplanes. This war, conducted on the Syrian side by Russian officers, ended on May 31,1974 with the signing of a separation of forces agreement between Israel and Syria.

In addition to demonstrating Russia’s strategy of establishing an international military coalition to support President Assad, the deployment of Cuban troops serves as a clear hands-off signal to Israel.”  

But..isn’t Cuba now an ally of the United States?

No. Just so you don’t forget, Cuba is a Communist country, run by the dictator Fidel Castro and his brother Raul. And an ‘agreement’ does not an ally make, though Obama still hasn’t figured that out.

Generally, when the Obama administration makes an “agreement” it benefits only the other country, and not the United States.

Cuban military

Cuba’s tiny army is extremely well trained, according to military experts.  That they have landed in Syria reveals that Cuba’s true “ally” is  Russia.  Fox News reported that their presence in Syria was not expected by the United States.

” … it would indicate that General Raul Castro is more interested in supporting his allies, Russia and Syria, than in continuing to normalize relations with the U.S.” Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, University of Miami

No surprise there.