The Army of Illegals Marching To The United States

By Faye Higbee

Is this an invasion? About 1,200 migrants, mostly illegals from Honduras and other Central American nations, are marching together through Mexico to reach the United States. They plan to either ask for asylum or enter the US illegally. And they are hoping that US immigration will not tackle such a large group of people.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras, (People Without Borders),the group that organized the caravan has a mission statement: “Our mission is to provide shelter and safety to migrants and refugees in transit, accompany them in their journey, and together demand respect for our human rights.”

Buzzfeed embedded one of their reporters, Adolfo Flores, inside the migrant caravan. The group has their own security, and one of the organizers, Rodrigo Abeja, believes that sheer size will stop the cartels and immigration officials from bothering them. Thus far, at the border of Guatemala, immigration officials abandoned their posts as the masses passed through. That is not likely to happen at the US border.


Some communities are providing buses for the migrants to move from town to town. @aflores Twitter photo


Mr. Flores’ last tweet was on March 30, so they may have taken the weekend off for Easter (since most are Catholic).

Kausha Luna at The Center for Immigration Studies noted,

Once the caravan arrives at the U.S. border, it will be critical for U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to lean on the new directives provided by the Trump administration. It will be an opportunity to reiterate the message that the United States is serious about border enforcement.  Otherwise, the message sent to prospective migrants would be that such caravans are a promising option for gaining access to the United States.