The Anti-Gunners’ Agenda Should Have Died the Day Ukraine was Invaded

Faye Higbee

Ukraine was a bastion of gun control before Putin decided to invade. The moment his troops set foot on Ukraine soil, all of that changed: Ukraine began giving out AK-47s (among those assault weapons they’re trying to ban) and any other guns to anyone and everyone who wanted them to defend the country. No background checks, no permits. The anti-gunners’ agenda in the US should have died on February 24. The Ukrainian Parliament immediately liberalized their law to accommodate the new situation. They should not have had to wait for the government to arm them and train them after the war struck. The anti-gunners’ agenda is moot, but Biden apparently doesn’t know that, since he continually blames the crime problem on legal gun owners.

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“We will give weapons to anyone who wants to defend the country. Be ready to support Ukraine in the squares of our cities.”

Volodomyr Zelensky
Ukrainian civilians have not had the ability to carry guns until now. Screenshot via Daily Wire

Contrary to the anti-gunners’ agenda, armed civilians are the greatest asset of a nation. The Second Amendment has saved the US from invasion by the Japanese in WWII and throughout history. No army wants to engage an armed populace, especially one that is trained in the use of firearms.

Armed civilians act as both a deterrent and a last desperate resort for resisting an occupier. This is why Switzerland and some other countries have made civilian firearm ownership a core part of their defense strategy. It’s also why it’s enshrined as a natural right in America’s founding documents.

The Left would have you believe that nothing in the U.S. Constitution provides an individual the right to own a firearm. In the words of Justice Clarence Thomas, they have made the Second Amendment a “constitutional orphan.”

They’ve achieved this only by lying for decades. We are expected to believe the absurd idea that while the other nine amendments in the Bill of Rights are individual liberties, the Second Amendment is a power given to the government. This argument was dismantled by the Supreme Court when it ruled in the Heller and McDonald cases that “the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm not connected to service in a militia.”

Evan Hafer, at the Washington Examiner

The anti-gunners’ agenda is a product of the time when stupidity tries to reign over this nation. Russia exists just 50 miles across the Bering Strait from America. Cuba, a Russian ally is just off our Florida coast. North Korea has been playing with missiles that they claim could reach American territories. Anti-gunners like Moms Demand Action, Everytown, Giffords, and Mikey Bloomberg are ignorant to think we will give up our guns. Threats like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, the other authoritarian leaders exist not far from us. Any attempts to invade before or after a nuclear strike will be met with tremendous force. We will defend our land. We will fight to keep the Second Amendment. Self-defense is our right, whether against governments or criminals.

The Ukrainian resistance is showing the world — at tremendous cost — how free men and women can resist tyrannical invaders if they’re given the right tools. Thankfully, Americans have the right tools, and we will savagely resist any attempts to reduce their effectiveness or take them away.

Lee Williams, SAF foundation’s investigative Journalism Project


Featured screenshot of Ukrainian civilian with a gun via NPR

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