That “Neanderthal Thinking” – Texas Covid Cases Continue to Decline After Mask Mandate Removed

texas covid cases

Joe Biden said Texas Governor Abbott had “Neanderthal thinking” after he removed the mask mandate last month. California Gov Newsom (who is under a recall threat) called Abbott “reckless.” But Texas covid cases have been steadily declining since the mandate was rescinded.

Texas Covid Cases: no mass deaths from rescinding mask mandate

Celebs and other Democrats immedialtely jumped in to call Abbott a “murderer.” (No, you can ask Cuomo about that part). The move hasn’t followed the Democrat narrative which predicted that deaths would severely increase. So who is actually “following the science?”

“We will be doubling down on mask wearing, not arguing to follow the example of Texas and other states that I think are making a terrible mistake,” Newsom said.

California had a higher case load than Texas earlier this year but had fewer new daily cases than Texas at the time of Abbott’s announcement, a trend that has continued. California had about 1,000 fewer new cases than Texas on Tuesday, but the state remains largely locked down, a move that is hurting its economy.

As Holden pointed out, numerous other Democratic politicians and mainstream media outlets also predicted a new surge of deaths and cases in Texas, predictions that haven’t come to pass. Further, some Democrat-controlled states that are still heavily locked down have more new daily cases than Texas, such as Michigan and New York. The 7-day average in New Jersey is also higher than it is in Texas.

The Daily Wire

Florida lifted their mask mandate some time ago, and Gov DeSantis is working right now to stop any thought of Covid passports in his state. When Texas and Mississippi moved to open their states and rescind the mask mandate last month, Biden called it “Neanderthal thinking.” Texas has enough problems brought on by Biden’s inability to think clearly- like the Border Crisis, and screwing up the oil and gas industry, for example. We’ll take that “Neanderthal thinking” any day over Biden’s inability to think at all.


Featured photo: Screenshot file, Texas Gov Abbott

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