Texas Omicron Case: What Did He Really Die From?

Faye Higbee

One Texas Omicron case has been widely reported due to the man’s demise. Every news outlet has stated that he died of the Omicron variant. But that may not be true. He tested positive for it, but that may not be WHAT he died from. The Harris County health official let the false statement stand…but one reporter, Dan Cohen pressed further.

Public officials and media reported that a man in Texas became the first American to die from the Omicron variant. I checked with the Harris County Public Health Department. Turns out that’s not true.

The first person to wrongly claim that the man died of the Omicron variant was the county’s chief executive, Lina Hidalgo. Will she correct the record or let this misinformation stand?

Why did none of the media outlets that echoed incorrect statement bother to check with the Harris County Public Health Department? Seems like they have an interest in spreading panic among the public.

Dan Cohen

Here is part of the conversation on the Texas Omicron Case:

Martha M: “We can’t confirm that the patient died from COVID, but we can say that he was Omicron positive at the time of his death.

Dan C: So he died WITH COVID but you can’t say that he died FROM COVID.

Martha M: Correct. This information comes from our epidemiologists who are the ones who give the reports. They have to do a very meticulous investigation because you know they do take this very much at heart. They are telling me that they cannot say that COVID was the absolute cause of death.

Transcript via Clash Daily

Studies have revealed that the Omicron variant is much milder than the Delta variant. But that doesn’t fit the msm narrative. South Africa, where it originated, says that the disease is presenting as extremely mild. The symptoms are: cough, headache, runny/stuffy nose, sore throat, and fatigue or lethargy. The Texas Omicron case that resulted in death may not be FROM the Covid variant at all.

Biden’s doom and gloom statement a few days ago is plainly manipulative and meant to instill fear as we have written before. Officials are even telling people that are vaccinated that “you can’t avoid Omicron, you’re going to get it.” Good grief.


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