Texas, Mississippi Ending Mask Mandate, Fully Opening States

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves announced on Tuesday that they were opening up their states all the way and ending the mask mandate. The “experts” and blue state California are opposed to it, of course.

Blue State Blues

The response of the California governor to opening Texas and ending the mask mandate? The governor that people are attempting to recall because of his jackbooted-control-freak handling of the pandemic and other totalitarian actions?

“Absolutely reckless.” CA Gov Gavin Newsom

California’s economy is a wreck, its small businesses devastated, its people fed up, and is experiencing a mass exodus from his covid restrictions to ridiculously high taxes, but Texas is “absolutely reckless.” Sure.

Gavin Newsom once again swore he never ate at a restaurant that was banned from indoor dining, but the photo he released from the inside showed a table full of dishes in the background that had obviously been used to eat on. (Daily Mail) That whole ‘do as I say not as I do’ thing.

Twitter photo posted by Chef Andrew Gruel

Red State Recovery

Governor Abbott had one choice after the devastation of Winter Storm Uri and the pandemic…and that was to open Texas in order to start the recovery. That’s not how it was framed, but that’s the reality. So he signed Executive Order GA 34.

This executive order rescinds most of the Governor’s earlier executive orders related to COVID-19. Effective next Wednesday, all businesses of any type may open to 100% capacity. Additionally, this order ends the statewide mask mandate in Texas. Businesses may still limit capacity or implement additional safety protocols at their own discretion. 

If COVID-19 hospitalizations in any of the 22 hospital regions in Texas get above 15% of the hospital bed capacity in that region for seven straight days, a County Judge in that region may use COVID-19 mitigation strategies. However, County Judges may not impose jail time for not following COVID-19 orders nor may any penalties be imposed for failing to wear a face mask. If restrictions are imposed at a County level, those restrictions may not include reducing capacity to less than 50% for any type of entity. 

Texas Gov Abbott’s office

Mississippi Gov Tate Reeves was bit more cautious in his opening of the state, but Mississippi is open beginning March 3 to at least March 31 under Executive Order 1549.

He is replacing all current executive orders with “recommendations.”

This effectively ends all mask mandates within the state. it also means businesses will be able to operate under full capacity with no restrictions.

“Today, I signed what I expect will be one of my last executive orders regarding COVID-19. Our hospitalizations have plummeted, and our case numbers have fallen dramatically as well. In fact, our case numbers have fallen to the point where no county meets the original criteria for a mask mandate.”

The only rules remaining in place will limit capacity of indoor arenas to 50% and rules governing K-12 schools…

…He says Mississippians should be able to assess their own risk and make decisions based on their health status.


Blue states want to keep the restrictions as tight as possible. Red states have been steadily loosening up as vaccinations increased and therapeutics improved. By and large, red states at least attempt to trust their citizens. Wherever they act like blue states, there is a large swath of noncompliance. Newsom and all other blue state governors should take heed.


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