Texas Landowner Offers 100 Acres for Musk to Build New Twitter Headquarters…for Free

Faye Higbee
texas landowner

Texas landowner Jim Schwertner offered Elon Musk 100 acres of his own ground to build a new Twitter headquarters. The offer followed Gov Greg Abbott’s suggestion that Musk move his headquarters to Texas. It is unclear at this time whether or not he even has the intent to move as he did with Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring company.

The Texas landowner suggests moving Twitter to about 35 miles north of Austin off Interstate 35, the same area where Musk’s other companies have relocated.

[Dear Gov Abbott…every inch of America should be a “free speech zone.” You might wish to retract that part of your tweet.]

Texas landowner with a plan?

Schwertner oversees farming and ranching on 20,000 acres of land just north of Georgetown, according to Austonia’s Andrea Guzmán. He said that the move would be a “win-win for everybody,” adding that a business like Twitter would bring a lot of jobs and boost the economy.

“We think it’s a good idea, especially when you’ve got Samsung coming to Taylor,” Schwertner told Austonia. “I mean, this area is exploding and we want to be part of this explosive growth.”

“I just think with all the stuff he’s done, he evidently likes Texas, right or he wouldn’t have moved from California,” Schwertner said about Musk. “And I want to be part of his plan if he’ll come visit with us.”

Houston Chronicle

Dan Crenshaw remarked: “Hold up. Let’s maybe NOT move all those Twitter folks to Texas, ok?” The thought of all the leftists at Twitter moving to Texas probably gave him the cold chills. After all, Twitter has a reputation.

Twitter folks. Twitterverse. Elon Musk’s plans for the social media platform to be a place for free speech have been marked as “dangerous” by the left… er, AOC and comrades. Which is likely one reason for the announcement of the Disinformation Governance Board – the Biden Administration’s response to Musk’s “free speech absolutist” idea.

Will he move Twitter to Texas? The Texas landowner and the Governor want him to. Most Twitter employees work from home, so it would have little effect on them. California’s “Silicon Valley”may never be the same.


Featured screenshot via The Post Millennial

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