Texas Gun Rights – Seven Pro-Gun Laws Make a 2nd Amendment Statement

Governor Greg Abbott signed 7 Texas gun rights bills into law between June 16 and June 17. Will liberal heads explode? We’ve already written about the 2nd amendment protection bill, and the Constitutional carry bill, but there were 5 others designed to make a strong statement about Texas gun rights.

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The Constitutional Carry bill (HB 1927) states that if a person carries a weapon and is stopped by police, police must return said weapon prior to releasing them from the scene if the person is not found to be in violation of the law. In other words, police can’t just confiscate your weapon if you haven’t done a criminal act. There are many other provisions in the bill that critics are complaining about.

HB 2622 is the Sanctuary State Act, which deletes enforcement of Federal firearms laws that are unconstitutional.

 House Bill 1500 also classifies firearm and ammunition businesses as “essential,” meaning that government entities are prohibited from banning their sale or transport during emergencies and disasters, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abbott also signed Senate Bill 19, which prohibits the state from contracting with any companies that “discriminate” against a firearm entity or firearm trade association, and Senate Bill 20 allows law-abiding Texans to store their guns and ammunition inside their hotel rooms when traveling, and carry a gun or ammunition directly from their vehicle to their room.

Meanwhile, House Bill 957 repeals the criminal offense of possessing, manufacturing, transporting, or repairing a firearm silencer. Gun rights groups have said that while people may associate silencers with the violence seen in Hollywood movies, they are actually used by gun owners to make shooting safer by reducing noise, recoil, and muzzle blast. The bill also ensures that any firearm suppressor manufactured in Texas, and that remains in Texas, will not be subject to federal law or federal regulation.

Finally, Senate Bill 550 removes the shoulder or belt holster requirements, allowing Texans to carry firearms in whatever kind of holster they choose.

The Epoch Times

The bills take effect on September 1, 2021.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Texas Gov Greg Abbott’s office of the signing at Alamo Plaza

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