Texas Gov Announced Investigation Into 7 Year Old Boy Being Transitioned

By Faye Higbee

The Texas Gov announced an investigation by the Texas Attorney General’s office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services into the situation with 7 year old James Younger being forced to transition to a girl.

“FYI the matter of 7 year old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.” Texas Gov

James Younger is a twin to Jude Younger, according to the Daily Caller. As we previously reported, the Texas jury removed control of (both) James and his brother from their biological father, Jeffrey Younger. The mother is a “pediatrician” named Anne Georgulas. Why she wants to transition James and no one has mentioned Jude is a huge question.

Of course, lawyers or Georgulas are claiming that  they are getting death threats, and her property vandalized over the backlash from the media accounts. They also claim that “a completely distorted and untrue version of events in this case has been circling the media.”

Here’s the problem: Planned Parenthood says that transition should begin as soon as the child begins to publicly conform to the opposite gender. Planned Parenthood, the organization that sells baby parts for profit and has murdered millions of babies before they had a chance to grow up. We’re supposed to listen to them? No thanks.

Georgulas had many so-called “experts” testify about how the boy wanted to be a girl. No, he wants his mother to love him.  The bottom line is that feelings should not be the rule for drastically altering a child. Altering him permanently is not a good plan.

Children of the age of 7 are not able to determine their futures. And they should not. Let them be children. Stop trying to push them one direction or the other just because one parent thinks they should be a different gender. It’s child abuse to psychologically damage a little boy who just wants to be loved.

Featured photo of Texas Gov Greg Abbott- screenshot from 2019 state of the state address.


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