Texas Council Member Screams at Children for Wearing Trump Shirt

By Faye Higbee

West University Place, Houston, Texas – Four teenage girls were standing in line to buy cookies for their church when an elected official, councilwoman Kellye Burke, began screaming and shaking her fist at the girls – reason? One of them was wearing a Trump t-shirt. Burke has been charged with a misdemeanor for Disorderly Conduct by the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s office.

Kellye Burke is a founding member of Moms Demand Action. Did they mean action like screaming at young girls over their choice of wearing apparel?

Kellye Burke

KPRC reported:

The girls said they were in line at Tiny’s Milk and Cookies in West U on Saturday, waiting to buy cookies for younger girls at their nearby church.

“A tall, short-haired blond woman came up to them and screamed, ‘Grab em by the (expletive) girls!'” the father of one of the girls said. He did not want to be identified, fearing retaliation against his daughter.

The girls initially tried to laugh it off, the father said.

“Then, she yells it again!” the father said. “At that point the girls were getting kind of scared, and then the woman starts, you know, going, ‘MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!’ while shaking her fist.”

One of the girls was wearing a shirt that read, “Trump: Make America Great Again,” the father said.

The father said the girls left without responding to the woman. He said one of the girls said she noticed that Burke had taken a picture of her.

“They were scared,” the father said. “They were absolutely scared. My little girl essentially wanted to know if this woman was going to hurt her.”

This kind of unhinged behavior denotes mental problems, not rational actions.  The family says they do not want to be identifed, and think that the punishment for Ms. Burke should come from the election process.