Texas: Austin Cancelled Veteran’s Day Parade Over Covid Restrictions.

Austin cancelled

The City of Austin cancelled the Veteran’s Day Parade supposedly because of Covid. But the move made people extremely angry and especially after the city hosted several other events with more people in attendance than would have come to the parade. The parade organizers said 30,000 would have been at the parade.

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The Texas Governor was rightly angry at the move, and invited people to rally on the Texas capitol steps. But the parade organization had already revamped their plans and were to dedicate Veterans Pocket Park  in Austin, so they politely declined the invitation.

In response to the anger, Fox reported that the City of Austin claimed that the Parade organizers didn’t file a “COVID-19 Health & Safety form” to Austin Public Health for review in order to obtain a permit for an open air event. Unelected health officials running the governments.

The City of Austin’s overreaching COVID requirements have forced the Austin Veterans Parade Foundation to cancel their annual event. I’m inviting them to host a rally on the south steps of the Texas State Capitol. We celebrate our nation’s heroes in Texas.”

Gov Greg Abbott.

Austin cancelled Veteran’s Day Parade, invoking angry responses

The anger was widespread all over Twitter. What would happen if the anger expressed on a social media were to spillover into the real world? It wouldn’t be pretty.

Mr. Ravencoin is right- isn’t it a great thing that veterans didn’t make a stupid excuse when it came time to fight for America? Oh, gee, we can’t fight today, because we might get sick. Never mind that some of our veterans have lost limbs, suffered traumatic brain injuries and even massive pts or ptsd from their service. And the city of Austin thinks Covid is a good excuse? Not.

One of the groups that had planned to participate in the parade was the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders, a Military support group.

It’s a slap in the face to those who served. It’s for an open air parade. They allowed Formula 1 to go ahead, and that had five times the number of people as the Super Bowl. They did nothing to shut that down. They’re playing politics with the honor of veterans and those who have served this country.”

Luis Rodriguez, head of the Wind Therapy Motorcycle Freedom Riders (Axios)

The sacrifices our Veterans have made to serve our country gives us all the right to celebrate them. As Austin cancelled the parade, other cities continued to have them with no problems. It’s time for the Veterans and citizens of Austin, Texas to vote these Çovidictators out of office. Every last one of them.


Featured photo: Screenshot of Gov Abbott

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