Terry Trobiani, Illinois Restaurant Owner, Cited Over Display of American Flags

Faye Higbee

McHenry County, Prairie Grove, IL – The owner of Gianelli’s Hot Dog and Beef restaurant, Terry Trobiani, says he was ticketed for his display of American flags in front of his Illinois restaurant. The Village of Prairie Grove handed him the sign ordinance, and a day later ticketed him. The village says it’s because of where the flags are placed and that they could ”blow into the road.” Trobiani was so mad that he taped the tickets to the front door of his restaurant – and he plans to fight it in court, even if it costs him more to fight it than to pay it.

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The flag fight has gone viral across social media. Trobiani said that last weekend, there were 50 people out in front of his Illinois restaurant waving flags, honking, and supporting him for flying the flags.

‘The American flag is a symbol of patriotism. It’s not a sign. They’re equating it with open/closed. Dine in, sign out.”

Terry Trobiani

The Village President, Doug Underwood, said one thing that may reveal the underlying attitude behind the whole issue:

”I love the United States flag. I’m a patriot myself. I think it’s disgraceful because he’s using the American flag as a tool to further his business interests.”

Village President Doug Underwood.

“I think it’s disgraceful.” Seriously? Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the nation fly the American flag, and by Federal Law they are allowed to do so. Mr. Underwood is supposedly worried about a flag falling on a car? What about an Antifa anarchist jumping on a car? Did the business next door get a ticket over their flag? No word about that. It seems that Mr. Underwood doesn’t like Mr. Trobiani. Prairie Grove has a population of just under 2,000 people.

Twitter users were quick to come to Trobiani’s defense:

”I think Prairie Grove Village President David Underwood needs to get his priorities straight. This is America and as Americans we have the right and will fly the flag of this country with pride. “You Don’t Like It? Get The Hell Out”! Brian Cooley

ROFL using the USA flag to get buisness ]sic]?? What Ridiculous excuse to assert your political ideology onto someone else. this person should be fired!” Derek Cunningham

“So you can burn our flag which drapes our fallen soldiers, but you can’t fly the flag outside of a(n) American business – sign of hope and passion for ones country. Shame on you.” bdiz

Terry Trobiani will be taking the tickets – which amount to $200 – to court next week.


Featured photo: screenshot via Fox32

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