Terror Attack – Truck Driven into Crowds in Stockholm, Sweden

By Faye Higbee

A truck rammed into a crowd of pedestrians after racing down streets just before 3 pm local time on Drottninggatan  in Stockholm, Sweden. Several were injured, 3 to 5 fatalities are being reported. The truck then smashed into the corner of Ahlens department store. Minutes later reports of gunfire erupted in a different part of the city. They are treating the incident as a terror attack.

One person is in custody according to the Swedish Prime Minister. The Swedish newspaper Expressen reports that there are “several detainees.” But police are denying anyone was arrested over the attack.


Sweden’s Parliament was evacuated and the area cordoned off. Police advised people to stay away from Stockholm’s central district.

The truck was hijacked earlier in the day, according to the company that owns it. The driver was unharmed, as it was stolen while he was about to unload cargo at a local Brewery.  Witnesses stated that the suspect was wearing a balaclava.

This photo is being circulated among police in Stockholm as a suspect in the terror attack.Via Expressen.

Witnesses also stated that the driver appeared to accelerate as he plowed into the crowd and then smashed into the department store.  They have described downtown Stockholm as being like a “war zone.”

In the other incident, the city’s Central Train station was evacuated with the possible shooter still inside. All train travel has been stopped.