Terror Attack on DC Hotels? DHS Releases a Warning

Terror Attack on DC Hotels? DHS Releases a Warning

According to John Rossomando, senior analyst at the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the DHS has released a bulletin warning of a possible attack on DC hotels.  It comes on the heels of another ISIS video released this last week warning of a Paris style attack in the United States.

The bulletin, which was supposedly released on Thursday, was “prepared by the Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center (WRTAC), the National Counterterrorism Tracking Center, and the District of Columbia Hotel Security Director’s Association, with FBI participation.”


Screenshot from video threat March 2016


The bulletin reportedly read, in part,:

“Many hotels in the District of Columbia often host dignitaries, large numbers of people in enclosed space, and special events … Nefarious actors can exploit the need to balance customer service and security at conference hotels, as found in an August 2014 exercise in which DHS-led teams successfully infiltrated a conference hotel by circumventing facility security measures…Conference hotels in the District of Columbia are vulnerable to this type of attack; they often do not have an outside security perimeter or additional security in their parking facilities, potentially rendering them vulnerable to [car or truck bomb] placements…” 

The threats are becoming standard – the challenge for all of us and for law enforcement is not to become complacent and forget that these jihadists want to kill us. Situational Awareness is paramount everywhere you go, and especially in “soft targets” like hotels.

 ISIS threats

The ISIS video threat was posted online:

The Daily Mail reported the words of the ISIS sympathizer in the video:

“Paris isn’t far from you – we will by Allah’s permission do to your country what we did to Paris. We will kill, slaughter and burn your people…
Inshallah (God willing), we will attack you very soon with anything we lay our hands on…You dogs of Rome, Kerry and Obama, haven’t you learned your lesson yet?”

ISIS is well known for their threats against both the United States and Britain. They are braggarts and use threats to terrorize people in an attempt to alter the lifestyles of the west. But make no mistake – these threats are overly dramatic, but they are real. Screw up once and we’ll have another San Bernardino situation.