Terror Attack Cambrils, Spain

A second terror attack was allegedly attempted in the city of Cambrils, Spain. Police say that it was connected to the Barcelona incident earlier today. Four terrorists were killed and one wounded by Mossos d’Esquadra, the police unit of Catalonia. It wasn’t the only problem… a house was flattened on Wednesday after an explosion that police now say is also connected to the attack in Barcelona.

Bomb makers in Alcanar Platja Wednesday night

Before the attack in Barcelona, a house in the city of  Alcanar Platja where suspects were making bombs exploded, killing one and injuring 7 others. The blast was so powerful it damaged six other properties in the area. Police confirmed that the people inside were making bombs and that the explosion is related to the Barcelona attack.

Twitter photo of house flatted by gas canisters sitting next to the house where people were making bombs on Wednesday

Fast forward to today, when at least three, possibly four jihadis, attacked people in Barcelona with a van and gunfire, leaving 13 dead. Two people have been arrested, the driver of the van is still at large. ISIS has claimed responsibility on their AMAQ media, although they always claim responsibility.

In the city of Cambrils, police advised people to stay home, even though four jihadis were killed. They have determined that the four and their wounded cohort were connected to the attacks in Barcelona, so are calling it a thwarted terror attack.

The city of Cambrils is south of Barcelona. It’s been a long day for the people of Spain.

Screenshot of police vehicles just before the shooting began

Translation: The Mosos confirm that they have shot down all the presumed terrorists of Cambrils