Terror Attack at Afghanistan Maternity Hospital – Men, Women, Newborn Babies Killed

By Faye Higbee

Terrorists stormed an Afghanistan materinity Hospital in Kabul, killed at least 15 people. Just hours before in Nangarhar Province, terrorists used a suicide bomb to kill at least 25 people in a funeral procession. While the Taliban claimed no knowledge of the attacks, it appears their “peace deal” may be “dead on arrival.” Death toll numbers may change.

This is Ramadan, the so-called ‘Holy Month’ of Islam.

Today, a group of terrorists stormed an Afghanistan Maternity Hospital in a Doctors Without Borders facility in the Dashti Barchi neighborhood of Kabul. Two newborn babies, at least 11 mothers and nurses, as well as a few men were murdered in the terror attack. Security forces evacuated as many survivors as possible. There were over 100 people inside the hospital along with the newborn babies when the attack occurred. Fifteen others were wounded.

The Barchi National maternity hospital is run by Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), so many of the people there are foreigners. The 100 bed facility is located in a Shi’ite neighborhood that has seen terrorist attacks before. Shi’ite Muslims are considered heretics by other sects of Muslims.

Metro-UK reported:

Photos shared by the Interior Ministry show newborn babies and their mothers being carried out of the hospital by security forces. Mr Arian said: ‘The forces are trying to eliminate the terrorists and bring the situation under control.’ By mid-afternoon, the ministry issued a statement saying three attackers had stormed the hospital and that one had been shot dead while the other two were still at large. A few hours later, the ministry another statement confirmed all three attackers had been subdued and that the operation was over.

The Taliban have denied responsibility.

Just hours before, a funeral procession for a police commander who died of a heart attack on Monday night in Nangarhar Province was targeted by a suicide bomber, with at least 25 fatalities. Both children and adults were killed in the attack, and approximately 55 were wounded.

In addition, an explosive device placed in a market stall killed one young child and wounded 10 others.

Nangarhar Province has been a hotbed of ISIS-Khorasan activity, although most Twitter users blamed the attacks on the Taliban.  Terrorists often take advantage of Ramadan to kill other Muslims and foreigners, people they consider to be “kufar” or infidels.

The terrorists attacked both the beginnings of life and the end of life for families in Afghanistan. One Twitter user from Afghanistan said it all: “Who are these bloodthirsty monsters who kill babies?” Bloodthirsty monsters indeed.

Featured Twitter photo: a woman rescues a newborn after the attack on a maternity hospital


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