Terre Haute – Threat Against Healthcare Worker Leads to Seizure of “Arsenal”

By Faye Higbee

Terre Haute, Indiana – Gary Diana, 55, threatened a home healthcare worker on Thursday. By Friday he was under arrest and police had their work cut out for them – they seized enough weapons and explosives to fit into a semi-trailer, and everything had to be inventoried.

Over 200 guns, 100,000 rounds of ammo, black powder and grenades were seized.

Police stated that there was a pathway through the house stacked with guns, ammo, genades, etc –  with black powder found in the garage.

“In my 27 years, this is the most number of guns and explosive devices I’ve seen in one house.” Vigo County Sheriff Greg Ewing

Police utilized the red flag law to obtain a warrant for Diana’s arrest. The home healthcare worker believed he may have mental issues.

ATF is working with local authorities to inventory the items and check to see if any of them are illegal. The Sheriff stated that if they check out, eventually they could be returned to Mr. Diana. But that is highly unlikely if he is declared mentally ill.