Tennessee Diner Leaves 22 Police Speechless

Faye Higbee

June 17, 2021 – A Police K-9 training in Knoxville had 22 police officers hungry for a good meal. They stopped at Twisters Shakes and Sundaes Diner after the training. While it was a little intimidating to have 22 police officers descend on the diner at once, the staff rolled with it and served them with no problem. The Tennessee diner is owned by Don and Dixie Miller. When it came time for the officers to pay their bill (all $446.63 of it) they were shocked speechless. A regular patron of the Tennessee diner had already paid it down to leaving a $60 tip.

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The Good Samaritan award of the week goes to this customer!! ❤️We had a large group of law enforcement in the dining room the other evening & this customer picked up the whole bill!!! 💙🖤💙🖤💙 We love our law enforcement customers & thank them everyday for putting their lives on the line for us!!

Tennesee diner, Twisters Shakes and Sundaes owner on Facebook
Facebook photo

However, what started out as just a busy day at the diner turned into something much more special when a good Samaritan decided to repay the officers for their service to the community—repay quite literally.

For when the policemen finished their meals and went to pay, they found someone had already done it on their behalf.

And not just for one officer but for all 22 of them.

The officers’ spokesperson, Brian Baldwin, told the restaurant, “We thought the server was just messing with us!”

Dixie said: “Then they found out the customer really did pay for ALL of their meals!” They were astounded.

“The officers were very surprised and extremely appreciative. Each officer made it a point to tip separately, even though there was a tip left on the good Samaritan’s card.”

The Epoch Times
Screenshot – Dixie Miller’s photo of all the police cars at their restaurant.

The good Samaritan turned out to be a regular patron of the Tennessee diner, a local businessman who stated he didn’t do it to bring any attention to himself.

I wanted to make sure someone said ‘thank you’ to those officers that day. They kiss their families goodbye before they go to work and they don’t know if or when they might come home.

Ron Keese

He is so right – with all the hate that is spewed toward police officers at this point in time, Mr. Keese did a great thing. There are still good people in this country!


Featured photo: screenshot of Twisters Shakes and Sundaes Diner.

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