Tax and Spend Democrats Plan To Send $$ to Americans to Pay for Gas

Faye Higbee
tax and spend

Tax and spend Democrats have only one solution for every problem: throw money at it. They never actually FIX something, they just create dependents on the government. Dems in Congress are planning three bills that would send money to Americans to help pay for the high gas prices. They want to get that money from taxing oil companies. The whole scenario will just make things worse instead of better. Dems also believe that if they throw money at the issue, people will vote for them in the November midterms.

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As the average price of gas is now $4.25@ gallon as of Monday, tax and spend Democrats have proposed paying Americans for relief at the pump instead of actually relieving the problem at the pump. (Fox Business)

Democrat Reps. Mike Thompson, John Larson, and Lauren Underwood are proposing a plan similar to the COVID relief payments sent to Americans during the pandemic that would send $100 per month to individuals each month the national gas price exceeds $4 per gallon. In the bill, couples would receive $200 plus $100 for each dependent…

Proposal #1 Mike Thompson, John Larson, and Lauren Underwood

“Big Oil will pay a one-time, 50 percent windfall profit tax on any adjusted taxable income (ATI) in 2022 that exceeds 110 percent of their average ATI during pre-pandemic levels between 2015-2019,” Rep. Peter DeFazio, a Democrat, said in a press release about his “Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act” which calls for a windfall tax on corporate profits deemed excessive that would be returned to consumers as a tax rebate.

Proposal #2 Peter DeFazio

“The Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax would provide consumers guaranteed relief while maintaining American competitiveness and reducing pressure on inflation by attacking corporate profiteering,” the press release for the bill reads. “Under the Khanna/Whitehouse bill, large oil companies that produce or import at least 300,000 barrels of oil per day (or did so in 2019) will owe a per-barrel tax equal to 50 percent of the difference between the current price of a barrel of oil and the pre-pandemic average price per barrel between 2015 and 2019, a period when large oil companies were already earning large profits. The quarterly tax will apply to both domestically produced and imported barrels of oil to ensure a level playing field.”

Proposal #3 Ro Khanna and Sheldon Whitehouse

Rep Thompson strongly believes that this whole thing is all Putin’s fault. Mr DeFazio and Mr Khanna believe that the oil companies are to blame and are “profiteering” at the gas pumps. While there is a seed of truth in all of them, the main problem is Biden’s energy policies: he is beholden to radical environmentalists in his administration who have promoted cutting off pipelines and fracking of oil shale. During the Trump administration to January 20, 2021, America was energy independent. Now we are not. The fault for that lies squarely at Biden’s feet and nowhere else.

None of the tax and spend Democrat proposals deal with the Federal gas tax of around .18 cents per gallon, or the State gas taxes which vary across the nation. None of the proposals mention reviving the oil and gas industry in the United States, but they do raise the costs of oil and gas production. Exactly what we don’t need.

“This new tax raises energy and manufacturing costs adding to more record inflation with little relief for American consumers.”

Jason Modglin, president of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

But gosh, everyone wants more money, right? Even if it’s essentially printed on worthless paper. Tax and spend Democrats are doing what they do best: throw money at a problem and fail to fix the underlying issue.


Featured screenshot via LifeZette

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