Cleaning Up California’s Elections: Tank Talks With Mark Meuser, Candidate

By Faye Higbee

Mark Meuser is running for California Secretary of State. Before you say “that’s boring” and run off to go shooting, he is the guy who can clean up California’s elections. And there is much to clean up there. Mark is a business owner and Constitutional lawyer who understands by Federal law that only people who are eligible to vote should be doing it. There is also a serious issue with military ballots. The California Secretary of State is responsible for the integrity of elections. Tank caught up with Mark on April 30 to discuss some of the problems.

Military Ballots:

According to Mark’s website: “California has more registered military voters than any other state. The fact that we are ranked 45th in Military ballots rejected and 49th in Military ballots not being returned indicates that we have a major problem that is disenfranchising those who are serving our country. Whatever we are doing is clearly not working. A detailed audit needs to be conducted to determine what the source is of California’s atrocious results in counting the military vote. Our brave soldiers jump over enough obstacles as a part of their military career, obstacles that prevent them from voting should not be one of them.”

Let that soak in. California’s rank in Military Ballots Rejected, and Military Ballots not Returned is abysmal. Our troops are being left out of the most important process of the American Republic.

Illegal voters

Mark also discussed the issue of  illegal voters. In California, persons who are  not eligible for voting end up being registered due to the State’s driver’s license procedure.  Mark would like to clean those folks off the voter roles.

Dead people voting

In California, there are people on current voting roles that Mark tells us have been voting for 20 years or more who have been dead for that long as well.

Marks says that California’s voter roles are “bloated with people who are dead or have moved or have undeliverable addresses.” The only people who should be on voter roles should be those who are eligible to vote. Mark would be the one responsible for taking care of those issues.

As a Constitutional attorney, Mark Meuser is well aware that he cannot create legislation, only enforce it. But he knows the ropes and understands elections. He strongly believes that integrity in California elections is possible in spite of the liberal machine in charge.

Out and out fraud

Mark was one of the people who oversaw some of the recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin during the 2016 election.  He understands that voter fraud is real.

Here is Tank’s interview with Mark