Tank Intercepts Car Full of Explosives in Egypt (Video)

By Faye Higbee

An Egyptian soldier inside a tank is being described as a “hero”  after he ‘took care of’ a car full of explosives (and 5 terrorists) at a checkpoint in Egypt’s Sinai yesterday. By “took care of” we mean squashed them like a bug and thwarted their plans. He drove the tank right over the top of the vehicle.

Screenshot of tank driving over the top of the vehicle

The vehicle was loaded with approximately 100 kg of explosives, according to reports from local media. The car reportedly was denied a pass at the checkpoint. Their plan was to drive through the checkpoint and leave on man to detonate the explosives. That did not happen the way they had hoped.

Wam.org reported,

Seven civilians, including two children, were killed in a blast near a military checkpoint in north Sinai, the Egyptian army said on Monday.

The victims, including three men, two women and two children, happened to be in the area where the blast took place, the army said in a statement carried by Deutsche-Presse Agentur, DPA.

The explosion occurred when a tank came across a booby-trapped four-wheel-drive vehicle that had tried to storm the barriers south of the city of Arish, a spokesman of the Egyptian armed forces said on Facebook.

Local media also report that as many as 50 people could have been killed by the blast had the tank operator not taken the drastic measure.

The Sinai area of Egypt has been under attack frequently, since ISIS set up shop in the area. On July 7, the group claimed responsibility for killing 23 soldiers in a suicide attack. The militants looted the checkpoint before they left, and taking weapons and ammunition.

Other attacks in the Sinai region, particularly on police officers and soldiers, as well as civilians have occurred frequently.

Al Jazeera noted in an op-ed from 2016,

“[Multinational Force and Observers soldiers] are outgunned by the terrorists [Sinai Province or SP] right now, and it’s a dangerous mission,” said retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling. “They [SP insurgents] have mortars and artillery that they have been firing on the base camps.”

The statement came after Defense Secretary Ash Carter formally notified Egypt and Israel that the United States was considering reconfiguring its mission in Sinai by increasing reliance on remote sensing technology and therefore was withdrawing US troops away from the restive North…

At least the tank driver in this video found a way to “neutralize” the terrorists.