Tally Bill – Let Your Legislators Know to Vote for This Bill

By Faye Higbee

We have written multiple times about Marine Veteran Brian Tally, who suffered permanent physical damage from a doctor that was contracted to the VA, but not a VA employee. Now, after working with members of Congress, a new bill has been drafted and introduced that needs to be passed and not forgotten. Midterms are upon us, and distractions abound, but the Tally Bill is extremely important for our veterans.

Here’s the back story: 

Update on Brian’s situation:

Our Marine friend was finally able to obtain an attorney. He tells us his current doctor is wonderful, which is a positive sign.

“I was denied compensation for my injuries due to a law that was written in 1946 and a VA loophole that was designed to deflect liability and accountability. I am currently working on a bill that will help protect veterans from a VA loophole that has destroyed my life physically, emotionally, and financially.” Brian Tally

Brian went to Washington DC and spoke with several Congress members. Even though he was in agonizing pain much of the time, he walked where he needed to go and said what needed to be said.

Working with Representatives like Dave Brat (R-VA), The Tally Bill will be presented to the House soon.  You can read the Tally Bill at this link https://www.tallyteam.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/tally_bill.pdf. The bill’s full title is the “Brian Tally VA Medical Care and Liability Improvement Act.”

Though he says it’s too late for him, it’s not too late for other veterans who are being seen by contracted doctors. No more deflecting the liability when mistakes impact the lives of our military veterans.