Taliban Shopping Spree: Helicopters, Jet Planes, Humvees, Ammo, Weapons…and the China Connection

Faye Higbee

Now that the government of Afghanistan has fallen, the Taliban have stepped into the void left by the Afghan Army – by seizing the arms, tanks, Humvees, Black Hawk helicopters, and attack aircraft from jets to helicopters. Billions of US taxpayer dollars are now in the hands of a ruthless, bloodthirsty enemy. For its part, China says it looks forward to working with the Taliban. And the whole thing could get worse soon since the Taliban shopping spree included so much equipment.

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Small arms and ammo

Trucks and Humvees:

Aviation assets:

The Taliban are not trained in the use of the helicopters or jets… or are they? Footage from some of the areas taken by the Taliban show them operating the aircraft. According to Global Security, some of the American-trained Afghan pilots joined the Taliban.

Up until this week, the Taliban had no air force. They do now. Black Hawks, Attack Helicopters, Humvees, tanks left behind for the Afghan Army – which is no longer in existence.

China connections:

The Taliban met with Chinese Communist Party representatives in July.

China’s communist party says it looks forward to working with the Taliban, although so far they have not formally recognized the terror group – Screenshot via Yahoo news

Barbaric, backward, and bloodthirsty – the Taliban have taken over a country they previously ruled and will send it back to the dark ages once again. The Taliban shopping spree has paid off well.


Featured photo via Twitter

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