Taliban Claims to Control 85% of Afghanistan Territory

The Taliban claims that they now control 85% of Afghanistan, in spite of what you’ve heard from Washington about the Afghani forces being able to hold against them. According to Stripes, hundreds of Afghan soldiers have fled to Tajikistan, which prompted that nation to call up 20,000 troops to secure their border. But in spite of Taliban propaganda that claims Afghan soldiers can surrender and be welcomed, there may be something else in store for them. A Taliban delegation travelled to Moscow this week to reassure Russia that their takeover will not destabilize Russia’s partners. Russia views the Taliban as terrorists.

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“We will not seize provincial capitals in order not to inflict death on Afghan citizen…but we will not allow anyone, any individual, any entity to use the soil of Afghanistan against the neighboring country, regional country and world country, including the United States and its allies…

We don’t want to fight. We want to find a political resolution through political negotiations.”

Taliban spokesman Mohammad Sohail Shaheen Stripes

All of which is so much smoke. The Taliban claims are well known for being primarily propaganda…and ultimately the group is ruthless. They have been filled with the culture of jihad, the demand for revenge and war. Any Afghans who fought with the US or NATO forces will be subject to death – it’s the way they operate. They are actively taking over the nation once again, even without a fight in some areas. The only group that stands against them are the Afghan Special Forces (KKA).

The Afghan Special Forces constitute only about seven percent of the force but conduct between 70 and 80 percent of the fighting for the Afghan government. The Ktah Khas (KKA) forces are the most specialized of all…

The KKA is the Afghan government’s national-level counterterrorism unit. U.S. Special Operations counterterrorism troops created this partner force so they could have Afghan support to conduct high-value counterterrorist operations.

The standards of being accepted into the KKA are extremely high and candidates must pass strict screening tests, pass face-to-face interviews, physical tests, psychological exams, counter-intelligence investigations, and polygraph tests in order to be selected for training. The attrition rate for KKA is nearly 90 percent.

KKA eventually progressed to being able to plan, conduct and execute independent operations, precision raids, and vehicle interdictions against high-value targets.

Steve Balestrieri at SOFREP

The Afghan KKA Forces are US trained, and US equipped. The Taliban claims that Afghani soldiers will be welcomed and their surrender peaceful. But a video that is impossible to verify was leaked to Funker530, which shows the Taliban slaughtering what appears to be 10 KKA troops after a surrender. The video is at the Funker530 link, but is not for the faint of heart. It shows the KKA troops being gathered then murdered with machine gun fire. According to SOFREP, Biden has made it clear that there will be no help for Afghanistan when we are gone.

Afghans know well the problem with the Taliban. It’s why interpreters who have worked with the US and NATO forces are desperate to get to America or wherever they can to find safety. They are also under a death sentence as US troops pull out.


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