Taliban Beheaded Mannequins As Afghan Women Demand Their Voices be Heard

Faye Higbee

The Biden administration has left Afghan women to be forced back into the shadows once again. Of course, that’s not what the administration will tell you. After all, both Biden and Blinken say that the Taliban have promised greater rights for women. It’s a lie and anyone who believes them is a fool. Of late, the Taliban beheaded mannequins because they say it’s “idol worship.” Afghan women are taking to the streets to protest and demand their voices be heard.

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Prior to Biden’s debacle and the abandonment of Afghanistan, women were being educated, even allowed positions in the government. No longer. Females are barred from school and no woman is allowed a position in the government. That the Taliban beheaded mannequins is just a stark reminder that they are still the backward, evil terrorists they’ve always been. At great risk to their lives, the Afghan women have taken to the streets to protest Taliban restrictions.

Masih Alinejad is an activist/journalist that we’ve covered previously. She had this to say:

“In reality in Afghanistan and Iran under Sharia law, if you don’t want to be a Muslim anymore, if you criticize the prophet (Mohammed), if you criticize the Islamic law and for the crime of apostasy and blasphemy, you will be beheaded.

That actually breaks my heart, that people don’t realize this is happening in 21st century. All of the women of Afghanistan who had the chance to have a part in parliament and media are being pushed back behind a curtain again. But women in Afghanistan are brave enough and are taking to the streets … They are calling the rest of the world to hear their voices as well.”

Masih Alinejad to Fox

The Afghan women fighting for their rights are literally risking their lives to do so. More rights for women have fallen on deaf ears in Afghanistan. Jen Psaki was asked about the plight of Afghan women who were told that they have to leave the country before applying for refugee status. Psaki said she’d have to check with the State Department.

Meanwhile, Biden’s hands are dripping with blood from not just Afghanistan, but all around the world.

Note: the woman in blue survived the beating. The woman in black did not survive. Himan rights organizations are sounding the alarm, but will anyone really listen?


Featrued screenshot via Twittter video/Fox

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