Syrians Give President Trump a New Nickname

By Faye Higbee

After the missile strike on Syria, citizens across the Arab world have given President Trump a new nickname: Abu Ivanka al Amriki. Let’s translate that: “Father of Ivanka, the American.” It’s a term of endearment – they see that Trump loves his family, and is a man of action.

“Maybe you in the West hate Trump, but he has already done far more for us than Obama. We love him because he does more than he says, he’s a man of action and at least he gives us something to hope for.” Najim Hassan, a resident of Idlib

The Telegraph UK reported,

Social media users across the Arab world praised Donald Trump for his missile strike on Syrian government forces on Friday, even giving him an affectionate new nickname.

Users have started referring to President Trump as Abu Ivanka – meaning father of Ivanka, as a sign of respect and endearment.

Others used the name Abu Ivanka al-Amriki – Father of Ivanka the American as they heralded him a champion of the rebellion in Syria.

One even photoshopped a fez on the president’s head with the words: “We love you” in Arabic.

One falafel shopkeeper in northern Syria town even named his restaurant after Mr Trump, while one Syrian opposition activist said they wanted to name their first son after him.

Syrians are calling for more airstrikes against Assad, not just the one. Though Lt. Gen McMaster stated the US wants a political solution to the “complex” Assad problem, he left it open to the possibility of more military action. In his appearance with Fox News, McMaster advised Russia to dump Assad.

Abu Ivanka al-Amriki agrees.


Featured photo via Twitter