Swedish Journalist Attacked in a Muslim No-Go Zone

Valentina Xhaferi, a journalist with “New Wanted” in Sweden,  wanted to see if it was true that policemen were pelted with stones and threatened in a suburb of Stockholm. She found out quickly that it isn’t just police who are attacked in a “no-go zone” when she and her cameraman were pelted with stones and threatened by Muslim men in the Stockholm district of Tensta.

The population of Tensta is primarily of foreign descent, over 70% (a polite term for the vast majority is Muslim). The journalist wanted to visit the suburb to see what was being reported as a no go zone for police officers to find out what was really behind their grievances. Since they are a poor district, she wanted their voices to be heard. She got to hear their voices, and quite loudly.

 no-go zone

Swedish journalist Valentina Xhaferi found out first hand what a no-go zone was like – photo via New Zealand media

The No Go-Zone

When Valentina and her cameraman arrived, they set up their cameras in a town square where one man had agreed to be interviewed. But as they talked with him, another man, who appeared to be upset, approached. That other man demanded to know why they were filming.  He seemed to feel that the journalists had encroached on “their land.” He left, but returned with a “gang.”

“Then he became very, very angry and said he’ll get stones and show us what stoning is. When I saw that he was armed with a stone I just wanted to get out of there.” Valentina Xhaferi

Then three other men approached from a subway. They kicked the camera, shouted insults at Ms. Xhaferi, and poured coffee on the cameraman as they ran off. Now both she and her cameraman know what is meant by “no-go zone.” Try as she might, Valentina attempted to calm the situation, but it did not work, so they fled. One week later, they returned with  a police escort.

“I do not take it personally, but I think it’s really bloody bad not to be able to make a recording in a public place. That we must be protected by police.” Valentina Xhaferi

Maybe she should take it personally, since it is her country. Maybe if all of us took it personally, we might do something.

Is there a lesson here?

The flood of Muslim migrants is just the beginning of sorrows for every nation on the planet. When they are in the minority, they are calm and quiet. When their numbers grow, they become belligerent.When they get to majority status…you’ve seen the headlines.

As the population of these folks grows across the globe, you can expect more than just a few no-go zones in cities everywhere. Police in Sweden estimate that there are 55 of them in their nation alone. Fifty-five places where there is no police protection. Think about it. Shariah on steroids with police reluctant to go there. Even in our own country, it took an Appellate court in a rare ruling to smack down cops who took the side of the Muslims against peaceful people in Dearborn, Michigan. Is this what you want for the United States?