Swedish Cop Whistleblower – Migrants Causing Massive Crimes

By Faye Higbee

Peter Springare, a Swedish cop at the Örebro Police Department, revealed in a viral Facebook Post that police in Sweden were suppressing information on migrant crimes. He may face charges under Sweden’s hate speech law. But now, a 2nd police officer from Greater Gothenburg, Thomas Åsenlöf, has come forward to confirm what the first one was saying.

Police have created a code specifically for migrant crimes in order to make sure no information gets to the press.

Peter’s original post stated:

“Here we go; this is what I’ve handled from Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment…

Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again. Christopher… what, is it true? Yes, a Swedish name snuck in on the edges of a drug crime. Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again…

Countries representing all the crimes this week: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects, we can’t be sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they’re lying about their nationality and identity.”

swedish cop

Officer Peter Springare

That created everything from kudos to accusations of racism. Officer Springare, a 47 year veteran, received at least 60 bouquets of flowers and thank you’s for his revelations from all over Sweden.

Mr. Åsenlöf’s confirmation is also creating a stir across the nation. Will it make a difference?

Code 291 = media blackout

Officer Tomas Åsenlöf,

Tomas Åsenlöf (from the translation)

“I’ve been working in external service more than 43 years. Parts 100 % Peter’s opinion on this. Our bosses wouldn’t dare take a stand in any direction. As you can see, it’s not a high boss who has dared to give Peter jacking.

Instead introduced man code 291, which blinds all information about the immigration-related crime. Just look at fotoförbudet at the police station. Scary today in Sweden. On Top of everything so reporting the chief himself authority. Instead of supporting their staff. Otherwise, heads will be transported if they don’t dance after commissioner’s pipe. The Swedish public needs to know all the facts now.

I understand that the younger officers may not dare to go out and criticize the leaders, or go out openly and support Peter. Then it is over for a future career. Then, when they apply for jobs, they will be classed as disloyal to the employer.

I will soon retire, so they can criticize me for my position. I have previously called into the heads of correction when I had opinions on this forum. Now I believe that the ball has started rolling and maybe we can get the leaders to open their eyes and no longer deny the truth. Live strong tomas åsenlöv, Cykelpolisen, greater gothenburg.”

We’ve written about the migrant disasters all over Europe, and particularly the rape capital of the world…Sweden.  Women are afraid to go out at night.  Some places in the country are reportedly so bad that even other migrants don’t want to live there. Their economy is in ashambles from paying for the migrants.

Will the police and the government wake up and stop lying to the people before the people rise up and take back their country in a bloody uprising?