Sweden’s Socialized Medicine Tries to Kill a Young Woman

If you ever wanted to understand why socialized medicine is bad for America, consider this case from Europe. Lina Andersson is in Sweden –  a country that prides itself on its Nobel Prize Winners, open culture and European Socialism. But Sweden’s socialized medicine that is so highly touted by officials has tried to kill her. And now she is seeking help in the United States.

Two months ago Lina was mis-diagnosed and Swedish doctors began treating her with medication that pushed her into anaphylaxis. Since then she has been through a system that seems bound and determined to kill her.

Lina is actually a medical student in Sweden. But her health has gone downhill too fast, and everything they have given her has been wrong. Because their regimen has been incorrect for her, now they have become hostile and want to cover their tracks. Yesterday she says her pulse dropped to 30, she was barely breathing, and the doctor just turned his back and left the room.

sweden's socialized medicine

Lina advised us that the Swedish doctors have totally ignored this letter from Dr. Theoharides of Tufts Medical center. They have forced her to take medications which are deadly to her body. One doctor did not know how to do CPR and bruised her neck.

Botched CPR left her neck bruised

Her ribs are also bruised and almost cracked from them waiting to revive her for long past standard protocol.

She has lost an incredible amount of weight. The next two photos show her as healthy and now:

Lina is looking relatively healthy in this picture

This is what has happened to her now

“American world specialists in hematology and immunology have offered the hospital here to have blood sent from Sweden to the Mayo Clinic for free (free of charge to the hospital) and the hospital destroyed the blood samples and fired the doctor that tried to do it…Sweden is not a democracy anymore and hasn’t been for some time.” Lina Andersson

Lina’s visits to the hospital have been literally dangerous.  She as a condition known as mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), which is very rare. Socialized medical care is too generic to handle a rare medical situation.

“Lina is a strong, vivacious woman that has always stood up for what she has believed in. And she is a dear friend to many of us. She is a proud Swedish woman but her country’s healthcare system has failed her. Rather than accept a diagnosis that she has received from an American physician, they are treating her the way a socialist system sees fit…by allowing her body to “code” and reviving her, rather than providing her with the treatment she needs.” Aaron Deavers, 0311 USMC veteran

But there is hope: Aaron and his Instagram friends noticed her wasting away, and got together for enough donations to bring her and her mother to the United States for treatment. Lina has been a member of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children for some time. She is a Swedish Patriot.

GoFundMe account was set up by Aaron Deavers to attempt to cover her medical bills when she arrives. He says that the Border Patrol has been instrumental in helping them know how to get Lina to the United States.

In addition to getting them here, the medical costs are estimated to be $50,000. Someone has stepped up with a place for them to stay. She will leave tomorrow, June 16, assuming Swedish authorities will let her leave.

Aaron contacted Dr Theoharides, who recommended a doctor that agreed to treat her. The issue now is: she is extremely weak, and is just hoping to survive the long plane ride to America.

What was that about Americans wanting “free” health care? This is what you’d have to look forward to if it happened.