Sweden – “Youth Gangs” Rampage in Coordinated Arson Attacks

By Faye Higbee

In Sweden at around 9 p.m.on Monday night, in what is being described as a coordinated attack, “youth gangs” set fire to vehicles in Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Uppsala.

“We’ve never seen this many cars set on fire before.” Hans Lippen, Police spokesman for Western Sweden

The attacks were so severe that the Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven angrily stated,
“I’m furious, for real. My question to these people is ‘what the f*** are you doing?…You’re ruining things for yourselves, your parents and your neighbourhoods… the incident looked very coordinated, almost like a military operation.”

In Gothenburg, and surrounding areas, around 100 cars were destroyed. Stockholm and Uppsala saw 13 cars torched.  And it’s not the first time, nor will it be the last. Last year, 1,457 cars were set ablaze. The year before, 1,641.

Authorities believe the attacks were coordinated on social media. The participants all wore black and ran through parking lots and streets lighting cars on fire as they went.

According to the Daily Mail, one hour before the string of arsons, a man sent a video to the newspaper Expressen, and warned police, society and politicians: “if you treat us like animals, we will act like animals.”

The message had three parts, according to Expressen:

• The police are brutal and harass people for no reason.

• The social service removes children from their families.

• It is unfair that surveillance cameras are set up in poor areas but not in rich.

The video sent to the newspaper raises the question: are these just “youth gangs” as most believed or something else?

Two suspects have been arrested so far in Sweden, ages 19, 20. A third was arrested in Turkey, which says something more than just “youth gangs.”