Sweden, Finland Poised to Boot Thousands of Refugees

By Faye Higbee

Sweden, Finland Poised to Boot Thousands of Refugees

Sweden is planning to deport up to 80,000 refugees, and Finland up to 20,000. Germany is thinking about it as Angela Merkel’s popularity slides. Denmark has moved to confiscate personal assets of the refugees to pay for their food and housing. Tolerance cannot exist in the real world.


Of Finland’s 32,000 “asylum seekers” – translate that Muslim refugees – whose applications were denied, fully 2/3 of them are being deported. That’s around 20,000. Most of them are from Iraq, some from Afghanistan and Somalia. The nation is working to make it more difficult for migrants from those areas to come to Finland.

They are also reportedly in negotiations with Russia to stem the tide of refugees that are coming through the Arctic Region, since Norway blocked refugees from coming through the Norwegian peninsula.

Finland has booked two charter flights so far to take the Iraqis back home to Iraq.


Muslim s showing their appreciation for Sweden by burning their flag


Swedish authorities say they are planning to deport up to 80,000 of the “asylum seekers” who came to the country in 2015. That could mean of the 163,000 that arrived, up to 80,00 could be sent away.

Fox News reported,

Germany and Sweden were the top destinations for asylum-seekers in Europe last year, with Sweden receiving one of the highest amounts of refugees per capita in the European Union.

Asylum-seekers whose applications are rejected are normally transported out of Sweden on commercial flights. But because of the large number being rejected they would use specially chartered aircraft to take them out of the country, Ygeman said.

The number of new arrivals has dropped sharply since Sweden’s left-wing government brought in systematic photo ID checks for travellers earlier this month.

Let’s see – when photo ID checks were instituted, the number of refugees dropped. Think about it. Why would these people be afraid of ID checks?


Danish authorities passed a bill on Tuesday to confiscate certain assets over $1500 to help pay for the food and housing of the refugees.

CNN reported,

Items of “special sentimental value” such as “wedding rings, engagement rings, family portraits, decorations and medals” are exempted, according to the Danish Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing. But “watches, mobile phones and computers” can be confiscated, it says.

The legislation has been criticized across the political spectrum, appalling many in this northern European nation, which has a longstanding global reputation for tolerance and promoting liberal, social democratic values.

Rights group Amnesty International slammed the law, saying in a statement that it reflected a “dismal race to the bottom” by European countries in response to the migrant crisis.

That move sounds like the German law. It hasn’t stopped the migrants, however.


Migrants taking the train from Germany to Denmark- DPA photo


German media report that  Germany has even stricter rules than Denmark for confiscating valuables.

Local.de wrote,

In Bavaria – where the vast majority of refugees arrive in the country – cash and valuables can be confiscated with a value of over €750.

A spokesperson for the Bavarian social ministry confirmed to The Local that upon arrival “refugees are searched for documents, valuables and money.”

“When we suspect that the an asylum seeker is holding large sums and does not agree to be searched, the police are called in.”


Europe is desperately trying to save itself. Unfortunately, in the attempt to save what little is left of its culture, it is having to resort to heavy-handed methods to manage the flood of refugees.

What liberals call ‘tolerance’ cannot exist in the real world. Either they must lose freedom, or give too much freedom. Because it requires people of sound moral codes to have a free society.

Freedom does not exist in a vacuum. It requires wisdom to sustain it. American and Europe no longer have wisdom or common sense. They no longer move to protect their citizens against evil. The “tolerance” they have espoused is really  a place of foolhardiness that leaves people at risk of death and violence.