Sussman Not Guilty in Durham Trial – Did Hillary Escape Again?

Faye Higbee
sussman found not guilty

Special Prosecutor John Durham brought Clinton Attorney Michael Sussman up on charges of lying to the FBI. Today, the jury found Sussman not guilty. He claims he was falsely accused. Yet the revelations in the trial were hugely damaging to the Democrat’s narrative against Trump, and strongly pointed the finger of blame for those lies at Hillary Clinton. Sussman found not guilty was totally expected based on the players in the court.

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One juror’s child was on the same high school sports team as Sussmann’s child. At least two, probably more, were Democrat donors. One was someone who openly said they “strongly” disliked President Trump. Judge Christopher Cooper is married to Lisa Page’s lawyer (you remember her, the one that had an affair with Peter Strzok who both hated Trump). The Judge also worked with Sussman in the DOJ. The “fix”may have been in from the beginning.

Every attorney, both prosecutor and defense has the right to accept or reject a juror at the beginning of the trial. Durham did not ask the judge to recuse himself, nor did he reject the three or 4 jurors with connections. The jurors mentioned above all claimed they could be objective. But could they? Based on their connections and/or attitudes, it is highly unlikely they could be “fair.” Sussman found not guilty was simply part of the swamp’s modus operandi.

The majority of jurors told the judge they had not heard of the Sussman case before they were called to the trial. Which is likely untrue.

Corporate media downplayed Sussman trial while its testimony confirmed their own corruption, and that of Clinton and FBI. Now that he’s (as expected) been acquitted, tweets aplenty! they were and are active co-conspirators in one of greatest political scandals in our history.

Mollie Hemingway

The FBI officials who testified about the “white paper” allegations against Trump all stated they found no evidence that any of the statements either in the dossier or the thumb drive with allegations about having a “back channel” to Alfa Bank were true. Nothing. And yet the false allegations pushed by FBI, the Clinton campaign, and Obama administration officials and the corporate media caused a sitting President to be under unrelenting, unprecedented attack.

The jury said the prosecution failed to prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” But what IS beyond a reasonable doubt is that the Obama-appointed judge, some members of the jury, the FBI and intelligence members, as well as Hillary were complicit in perpetuating the lies, and every one of them are part of the DC swamp. Sussman found not guilty was an expected outcome.


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