Suspects arrested in Murder of Texas Policeman

By Faye Higbee

An Abilene couple has been arrested for the murder of  Texas policeman, 27 year old Don Allen. Philip Walter, 29, and Violet Walter, 30, are charged with First Degree Felony murder, and bond has been set at $500,000 each. But the crime wasn’t ordinary, by any stretch of the imagination.

murder of texas policeman

Phillip and Violet Walter- Police photos

An officer targeted

As we previously reported, Abilene police officer Don Allen was found deceased alone in his home in Clyde, Texas. It was investigated as a homicide from the beginning.

The couple may be charged with more than just the homicide by the time the investigation is complete. They were arrested Thursday at around 6 p.m. in Abilene.

“We were able to link the suspects to property taken from Don Allen’s residence. Additionally, physical evidence recovered at the scene has linked the suspects to the crime. While I cannot discuss the specifics, we are confident that we have taken the correct people into custody. We do not believe there are any other suspects.” Abilene police chief Stan Standridge

Evil lives among us

Details are sketchy, and officials say that the investigation is ongoing. A few of those details may have reached the news media, and they are gruesome. Officials are not confirming them at this time.

WJNO reports,

“Sources tell me that the off duty officer was bound, gagged, and tortured. They also said that the anti-police slurs were written in Allen’s blood within the home.”

Translation- they (allegedly) went to his home because they knew he was a policeman, took some of his property, and brutally murdered him.

Violet Walter’s Facebook page states that she has 3 children, whom she calls “beautiful monsters.” Phillip’s Facebook page says that he graduated in criminal justice from Abilene Christian University [F- fail on that one].

Officer Allen laid to rest September 4

The funeral for Officer Allen was held at the Beltway Park Church. All of the monies needed for his funeral were raised.

“He loved to be in God’s country hunting, fishing, and shooting guns. He was a great marksman and enjoyed all of God’s creations. He loved his family and friends with all of his heart.

He loved playing with his beautiful niece, and everyone could see the aspiring father he wanted to become someday. He was his mother’s baby boy and was taken too soon from us all.” Officer Donald Russell Allen obituary