Suspect in Brooklyn Axe Attack At Large, 1 Dead, 1 Wounded


A woman was hacked to death with an axe on Saturday, and another woman was critically wounded in a Brooklyn apartment. A 4 year old child found in the apartment was not injured. The suspect is at large, according to the New York Post. Police want to talk to the boyfriend of one of the women.

The incident came to light at around 1:30 a.m. when Angela Valle, 21, mother to the 4 year old child, called for an Uber, stumbled into the car and asked to be taken to the hospital. The driver called 911 instead due to the fact that the woman was covered with blood. She had received life threatening injuries: an axe blade “chop” to the back of the head, and gashes to her chest, arms, stomach, and throat. She is currently in critical, but “stable” condition.

Angela Valle- Facebook

Just before falling unconscious, she told medics that her boyfriend had attacked her, killed her friend, Savannah Rivera, 20, and that her daughter Aliana was still inside the apartment. Police rushed to the apartment and found a grisly sight. The incident occurred after an argument escalated, according to Fox.

The New York Post described it this way:
A woman was lying on the living room floor. She had been partially decapitated. Some of her fingers had been severed. There were more stab wounds throughout her head and body.

The deceased woman was identified as Savanna Rivera according to the New York Post, as well as Pix11. Though Fox identified her as Kayla Ruperto, we could find no other reference to that name in the various news reports..

Police found Aliana sleeping, and unharmed in a back bedroom. She was transported to Woodhull Medical Center for observation and evaluation.

Officers found an axe in the trash compactor, but haven’t yet determined if it was the murder weapon.

The suspect is at large, according to the various reports.

Featured photo: screenshot via Pix11