Suicide Bombings Near Kabul Airport: At Least 3 US Marines Injured, Firefight, Crowd Casualties

Faye Higbee

Two suicide bombings, one just outside the Kabul Airport near the Abbey Gate, plus an attack at the Baron Hotel have killed and wounded multiple people. At this time, the death toll has been listed as anywhere from 13 to 30, and three of the wounded are listed as US Marines. The death toll is likely to increase. One of the bombings was said to occur in a sewage ditch where numerous people have gathered. (Fox)

UPDATE: Fox reports that at least 4 US Marines were killed in the explosions.

Screenshot via Twitter Jack Posobiec

The government had warned people not to come to the airport due to the possibility of attack. Suicide bombings were always a possibility- and the attacks were said to be imminent, so they advised everyone to move away from the gates. But thousands of Afghans and some US citizens were in the press of people waiting to enter the airport. It was a prime target for the barbaric jihadists – and the death toll includes children.

They knew this was coming”: @charliecbs reports on the intelligence warnings from the U.S. and other nations that said an attack on the Kabulairport was imminent — with one saying it could happen “within hours” CBS news

Warning: These videos are extremely graphic.

Up to at least 1,500 Americans still need to be evacuated, but John Kirby stated that the US will NOT leave Kabul to get them.

The reason why that distance is so small is because the focus of the mission is on protecting the Hamid Karzai International Airport, where flights are departing regularly with Afghans, Americans, and others, Kirby said.

Asked if the United States could help an American couple who is reportedly in Mazar-e-Sharife, he answered bluntly, “No.”

So far, three missions have been conducted, including one to the Baron Hotel to rescue a group of 169 people who were struggling to make it to the airport. All three have been “a short duration and a short distance,” according to Kirby.

The Epoch Times
Screenshot of one of the explosions via Twitter
Screenshot via Twitter of one blood-covered person being helped to the hospital

How many Americans were injured or killed in the two suicide bombings is unclear at this point, and the injuries to the three US Marines are also unknown, although are reported as ‘serious’. The Baron Hotel is where Americans were staying so they could be in close proximity to the airport. Evacuation flights had been leaving every 40 minutes from the Hamid Karzai Airport.

More attacks on the way.

Reports of the US sealing the gates after the attacks are now spreading across social media. There are reports of hundreds of ISIS-K terrorists surrounding the airport as more attacks are expected. (Daily Caller)

This is a developing story.


Featured photo: twitter screenshot of victims being taken to the hospital in Kabul.

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