Suicide Bomber Attacks Hazara Voter Registration Center in Kabul

By Faye Higbee

A suicide bomber attacked the Hazara voter registration center in Dashte Barchi, a Hazara enclave in Kabul, while waiting in line for ID for district elections. The death toll is steadily rising, although the numbers are conflicting at this time. ISIS claimed responsibility.

The Hazaras are an ethnic group native to the region of Hazarajat in central Afghanistan. They are reportedly descendants of Genghis Khan, and speak their own dialect. Their influence has been growing in recent years, even though they are only about 20% of Afghanistan’s total population, according to Al Jazeera. They are said to be primarily Shi’ites, which have been a target of ISIS for several years.

Screenshot of the building where the people were waiting in line

People were waiting in line to obtain ID cards, which are required to register to vote in the October elections. The Ministry of Public Health confirmed the death toll at 48 in Sunday’s deadly bombing in Kabul, but that is expected to rise. Dead were 22 men, 21 women and 5 children; the number of wounded was also revised to 112.

Featured photo: Twitter via @Rohulla44266246