Suez Canal Shipping Lane Ground to a Halt with the “Mother of All Traffic Jams.” And Was That a Phallic Symbol They Traced on Their Route?

Questions are raging over the giant cargo ship that became wedged sideways in the Suez Canal after a sandstorm. At two days and counting, there were at last report 156 ships backed up that couldn’t get through the traffic snarl in the world’s busiest shipping lane. The ship is leased by Evergreen, a Taiwan Company, and they issued apologies for the situation. Experts say it could be weeks before they get it unstuck. Then there’s that supposed Phallic symbol…(Breitbart)

UPDATE: According to Fox, the Ever Given was re-floated and is finally moving through the Suez Canal at around 2 knots on March 29, 2021.

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NEW – Suez Canal, one of the largest shipping lanes on the planet, blocked with a mega container ship, creating a traffic jam of ships waiting in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and in the canal itself.

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The ship that caused the Suez Canal traffic jam is the “MS Ever Given,” also being called the “dick ship.” The name comes from the pattern it traced by its route to the Suez Canal. Where it became stuck. Punishment from on High? The track itself could be accidental, but it is questionable. The region was in the throes of a massive sandstorm, so perhaps it was just an aberration, and everyone has a filthy mind.

The MV Ever Given is one of the largest cargo ships on the planet, and would have been fine if it had not been pushed sideways by the 30 knot wind. Crews are working tirelessly to find a way to refloat the massive ship. Ever Given is 400m long (over 1,312 feet) / 59m wide (193 feet). Gross tonnage: 219,079 Capacity: 20,388 TEUs (20ft container equivalents). Some media reported that the ship had a blackout as it entered the canal. Others said no.

“Ship management company says it wasn’t a blackout. Another person said it was. Another said strong winds, and there were in fact strong winds. But there are often strong winds (desert) and this has never happened before. So, still a mystery.” @BreadConquerer·

For those on the ships directly behind the Ever Given this has been a royal nightmare as it has held up shipments from all over the world. The Suez Canal allowed ships to bypass the Horn of Africa, which is notoriously treacherous.

The backlog is being systematically moved by tugboats pulling them backwards out of the canal. Egypt has deployed Diggers, dredges, and everything they could think of to help float the ship, and it still appears to be stuck.

According to one Twitter user, the Ever Given had a mishap two years ago.

Probably isn’t the Captain, the ship is simply too big. How does this mess affect you? It depends on whether any of those ships were carrying toilet paper. Just sayin’.


Featured photo: Twitter via @matthewchampion. Picture was taken by a person on the Maersk MV Denver, directly behind the Ever Given.

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