Stupid Move: Seattle Approves Massive Budget Cut for Police

By Faye Higbee

On November 23, the Seattle City Council approved a massive budget cut for the police. The 18% cut will mean the department will “no longer have the authority to respond to 911 calls”, or enforce parking issues (gee, remember New York City?) Overtime and training will be cut, and hundreds of police positions will not be filled. (Free Beacon, November 23) Welcome to socialism.

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King5 reported,

The Seattle City Council approved the city’s 2021 budget on Monday by slashing the police budget, though not as much as activists wanted.

The council voted to shrink the budget of the Seattle Police Department (SPD) by about 18%, which includes cuts to overtime and training.

Dozens of vacant jobs will not be filled and 911 dispatchers and parking enforcement will be moved out of SPD jurisdiction. 

The Seattle Police Department has suffered the loss of at least 130 officers since their “socialist” policies left police with a budget cut that proved they are not appreciated by the city.

“I refuse to work for this socialist City Council and their political agenda. It ultimately will destroy the fabric of this once fine city.” SPD officer

The Free Beacon noted on October 20,

Another officer said he left because of “an unwinnable battle with the City Council,” which “will be the downfall of the city of Seattle.” Yet another left because the city’s “morals” were different from his own. 

One officer said budget and staff cuts will force officers to respond to dangerous situations without backup and also leave citizens waiting longer for help. 

Mayor Jenny Durkan believes the 18% budget cut is a “more measured approach” than  a 50% budget cut previously proposed during the summer. She plans to sign it next week.

The Seattle police officer’s guild (SPOG) issued a statement that called the Seattle City Council “naive.” They stated that crime will grow even worse now.

“You’re going to see crime rise, we’re already seeing increased homicide rates that we haven’t seen in decades.” SPOG president Mike Solan

Think about this: with cuts to the training budget, more problems can arise. Moving dispatchers “away from police” works in jursdictions where the 911 call center is still connected to all the police in the area. In one area of North Idaho, the 911 dispatch is autonomous, but still dispatches for all police within the 911 call area. It is unclear whether this will be the case for Seattle dispatchers.

With law enforcement jobs at risk, with convoluted oversight and ever-changing rules, it’s no wonder that these Democrat-controlled cities are losing officers.

Featured photo: Photo of Seattle – file via roadtrippers


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